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2 Standard Poodles Need Home Now!!

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  • 2 Standard Poodles Need Home Now!!

    2 males, AWESOME DOGS! One is blue-ish silver, one is apricot. About 4 or 5 years old. Not neutered. I've known these two dogs for years. They are perfect groom dogs, and very well behaved. They come from great lines, same breeder as my standard.

    Nice coats and great on the table for EVERYTHING!!

    IF they are not placed in the next couple of days MOM is going to put them in the humane society. Email me for full story. ([email protected])


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    This one is hot guys!! I know I would have died for a Standard before I got mine! They are the best


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      Oh if I didn't live in an apartment
      I would take them I just love poodles.
      Just six more months till we can move!


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        why dont u look at rescuse groups? Most groups would take them, If u google standard poodle rescuse groups.


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          If she has a contract the breeder usually stipulates in that contract that they will take the dog(s) back if they can no longer be cared for - no mattter what age they are. In any case, the breeder would probably like to be contacted before they are taken to the shelter. No ethical breeder wants their dogs to end up there. I know I would be pretty upset by that. They can be re-homed.


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            I know that Florida Poodle Rescue is based out of St. Pete so she definitely could contact them if all else fails. I wish I could take them but alas I don't have a house or live in that area no more *pout*.

            I hope all works out for them.


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              Jen, if you can't find them homes..let me know. I can pick them both up and bring them here. I have several looking for st poodles and many people that help place sure let me know. They do not need to go to the pound!!!! no way! email me..we can make arrangements if needed.


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                Hello everyone, well we're pretty sure the standards are placed. They are going to their potential new home on Sunday. If it all works out (which I'm confident it will) then they will be in their new home.
                I've kept everyone emails, so if it doesn't work out, you'll hear from me!


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                  Standards are in their new happy home!

                  Power & Spirit have been in their new home since Sunday. They are doing great! Their new Mom eli (erica) is loving them up!
                  I'm so happy they are in a good home now. They really needed lots of attention and loving!!


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                    That is great!!


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                      Happy dance! Woo Hoo!

                      Thanks for all your help Jennifer!

                      They are just sooo cool!


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                        Oh you're welcome. I am so happy for them! And for you!
                        Did you groom Power yet? I can't wait to see them with some hair. That means pictures please!!

                        Now I'm on to some info about 2 red male standard puppies for sale at a very reasonable price. I'll keep everyone posted!


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                          Great Eli

                          You will give them a wonderful home. Though you won't be bringing them in for grooming, hee hee.
                          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.