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VT Killer was a Korean National---I'm just sick!

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  • VT Killer was a Korean National---I'm just sick!

    I lived in South Korea for 4 years, so when a Korean does something good, or bad, it really stands out with me. The killer was Cho (Last name said first) Seung Hui (pronounced Sng Hee).

    I can't imagine what would have pushed this kid so far over the edge. His family must be devastated. I wonder what they are like---if they are good people who raised a mentally unstable boy, or bad people who created an unstable child?

    It's just so sad and so shocking.

    Tammy in Utah
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    I know. I hear you. It's hard to know how anyone like this can turn out this way. Half the time they come from completely normal families, which is even scarier.
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      They said he grew up in centerville which is very close to where I lived. A little about the area-Its very culturally diverse, honestly I found it frustrating living there because SOOO many people would move to the area not even speaking a lick of english. The area is also very expensive, lots of rich people, houses generally go for $500K-$1 Million+. From what they said he put blame on rich people, so it sounds like he resented going to school with kids that had everything they wanted and he didn't, and I'm sure he was looked down upon for being from another country. Though this is obviously not an excuse. I just wish someone had realized something was wrong with him and helped him before it went so far.

      The whole thing sickens me. I'm sure the parents will never be the same, always filled with guilt and anger, wondering what they did wrong, etc. Imagine thinking you're at least partly responsible for the death and pain of so many and their families.


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        I live in Alexandria, and I love the diversity. I have stopped blaming the parents, or the upbringing. Those are just excuses. Some people are just born defective and broken.


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          kinda long...

          I believe parents are responsible for their children's actions (within reason) until they're at the age of accountable, which varies with all children. This guy was definitely not a child, he was a grown man at 23 and completely and solely respsonsible for his actions - definitely to and pass the age of accountability. Regardless of what can trigger or did trigger his actions and reactions, his response was his choice. Lots of us feel discrimated against for many reasons, there is no excuse for his choices. His family should not in any way feel responsible for his decisions, even though I'm sure they're devastated and still have feelings of accountability. But they cannot or did not make those decisions for him regardless of what happened to him as a child/young adult/or adult. The whole thing is senseless and tragic.

          I also like diversity - to me it makes the world colorful in many ways. There are reasons why we shouldn't covet our neighbor's possessions. We can't live in a perfect world, we can't expect everyone to make the same amount money, come from the same situations and countries, and all have similar experiences. Life will never be fair. We take what cards God has dealt us and make what we want or can out of them - that is what truly makes us rich. This is far more fulfilling than being money rich. There are many money rich people who are just as unhappy as the neighbor who is coveting their life. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.


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            Originally posted by SiotehCat View Post
            I live in Alexandria, and I love the diversity. I have stopped blaming the parents, or the upbringing. Those are just excuses. Some people are just born defective and broken.
            I do not agree with that one. God would not allow a human to be born defective. It is only by Satan's devices that they become that way. Much to his delight. Whatever was wrong with this guy, Satan led him by the hand to do his deeds. sad that he did not turn to God for help.


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              i was talking to one of my korean clients just yesterday after they identified the guy(actually i was sitting on her couch having a soda watching tv, god i love mobile). she and her family are so worried about when this is going to turn into a race thing. she was relating how whenever A korean does something bad it makes everyone worry about retaliation. so i hope for the best.


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                Satin may have made him do it, but this guy opened the door and
                welcomed him in with open arms.

                This guy is a sick sad monster, and to bad for him, but is probably going to find a nice quiet room in a very hot place where every imagined slight in his life will be magnified beyond his imagination. His victims however will never
                sorrow again. The devil can take goodness from this world, but he can never keep it.


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                  What's really sad in this is that Cho was diagnosed in 2005 as being mentally ill and a danger to himself and others. Yet no one followed through with an involuntary commitment. If they had, perhaps this tragedy would never have happened.


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                    I should clarify, by my post I didn't mean the parents are or should feel responsible. I meant I sympathize for them because if I had a child who did something like that, I would live out my days blaming myself. It would be burned into my brain and I would live the rest of my life feeling miserable, whether I was truly at fault or not.

                    About the diversity, I don't mind that the area was full of diversity, what I found frustrating is when SO many people don't speak english. I've had people get mad at ME because I couldn't understand their broken english through their thick accent. lol