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I'm intimidating... LOL

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  • I'm intimidating... LOL

    My sister had her baby on Saturday. 6 lbs 5 oz 19 inches long. She used a midwife to have a home water birth.

    Well that turned to ****. Long story short, the midwife didn't know what she was doing. My sister dilated to a 9 around 5:30 and 9pm she was still at a 9. I asked how effaced she was and the midwife said she was fully effaced (after thinking about it). My sister was in an extreme amount of pain and kept telling the midwife that she needed to go to the hospital. The midwife kept telling her no. So I got in the midwife's face and became irate. I worked up one way and down the other. She told me I needed to calm down and that my sister was fine that this was normal. I have 2 kids, my sister has 2 kids and I know several people with kids. I've talked to both of my OB's about labor and this was not normal. So I continued to yell and scream at the midwife, she then kicked me out of my sisters house. I walked outside and called 911 for an ambulance. 30 minutes later when my sister was at the hospital she had the baby. She was not fully effaced, the baby was stuck behind the pelvic bone and a nurse had to get the baby unstuck. My sister was borderline hemorrhaging. The midwife kept saying that it was all normal. If she admits fault it's grounds for a malpractice suit.

    I talked to my sister this morning. She was released from the hospital yesterday. One of her nurses told her that her midwife told all the nurses not to let her in the room because she was scared of me. She though I was going to hurt her. Which I would have.

    When I was in the waiting room the midwife and her assistant walked past me 3 times. They would give a little smile, I'd glare at them and they would quickly turn their heads and walk faster. I'm glad they were scared of me, they had every reason to be. She almost killed my sister and her baby.

    Even after the doctor and the nurses told my sister that the baby was stuck and she had other problems, the midwife still insists that everything was normal and the baby would have been born at home at the same time.

    Normally as most of you would know, you have an option to stay in the hospital for up to 48 hours after have a child. (C-section is longer) Because my sister was bleeding so heavily, she wasn't given the option. It was mandatory that she stayed at least 48 hours.

    They are both fine now and at home.

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    You Go Girl

    Congradulations, I am so happy that you stood in her face & took action. Good for you. I also had a midwife(no drugs for me ) ......but she believed that you should always give birth in a hospital. She was wonderful. She said too many things could go wrong. In my case my sons cord was tied in a knot tight & they had to call the doctor in. The one nurse (whose dog I groomed) said he could have died from that. Luckily everything turned out fine. But you never no. You are soooo smart to take the action you took on your sisters behalf. You should pat yourself on the back. Your sister is lucky to have you. You probably very well saved 2 lives.
    Enjoy your new Niece/nephew
    (I don't think you said boy or girl)


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      Oh you're right... She had a little girl...


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        I don't want to give birth to a peanut without drugs!
        Give me an epidural & a C-section anyday!

        Congrats on your new "auntedness" !



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          Congrats to your family and I hope your sis feels better!


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            Ooh! Congrats! And I am glad that you were there! What a scary situation! I know that there have been many successful at home births, could NEVER get me to have a baby away from the hospital, lol. No way. I think that there is just too much that can happen. Not to mention that I'd never have a birth without drugs! haha
            Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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              I sure could have used a sister like you when I had my baby! Good for you and it really goes to show that we all need to be proactive when it comes to our health care as to the care our loved ones!Congrats to your sister and you as well!