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Virginia Tech Massacre

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  • Virginia Tech Massacre

    With a grieving heart today I head out to my small Salon to start my day. I find my answering machine full and overflowing with calls. Numerous were calls & messages of cancellations becuase of the tragedy yesterday at Virginia Tech. I have many regular clients with children that attend that school. Most I have heard thru the community are ok, there are still several I'm unsure of. All, of course are still affected in some way. The victims were friends, some relatives of local people here. It is such a horrifying and unnecessary tragedy! My nephew will be attending VT this fall, and this has hit so hard & close to home for all of us. It truly can happen anywhere. We hear others say that too when it happens in their town, but when it actually happens to you, it's beyond shocking.

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    My heart goes out to you, and the families of the slain students. It must be surreal for all of you.
    As we go through our day today, lets remember how fleeting life can be, and give thanks for our loved ones,and be grateful for our blessings.

    My thoughts are with you,
    Annette, who's very graciously allowed to live with the dogs.


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      This tragedy is so scary I have to say it makes me really wonder about the future. If our kids can't be safe in school where can they be safe. I know that this can happen anywhere and that is what is horrifying. My prayers go out to those friends and families that were affected by this.


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        I am crying while I am reading your post because it brought me right back to 9/11. The 1st cancellation I got from Linda with her Bouvier. Her son was in a dorm directly across the street from the towers. I had to go home, I cried for days. Then all the stories started coming in. One of my customers worked right down the street. She had a high paying corporate job. She never went back. Started making and selling crafts with her daughter. My brother was on top of the Sheraton being built in Newark. They were on the roof. He didn't see the 1st plane hit. But they watched as the second plane hit. He and his good friend immediately hopped a cargo ferry, and went over there, and tried to help. He came home covered in white dust. He looked like a ghost. His best friend overdosed 2 days later and died. He saw more than he could handle for 1 lifetime. There were many other stories that hit too close to home. And then there was Maggie. One of my favorite 4 legged friends. A little cairn terrier. Mrs. F. called me and said there was to be a funeral and everyone wanted Maggie to there, because Peter loved her so. Could I groom her today? Lt. Peter Freund was a ny fire fighter that died on 9/11. My heart just sunk.....I closed my grooming shop (which was extremely profitable) & moved to Florida 10/2001 because I couldn't bear to hear any more and I just needed to get away. So I hope you understand that my heart goes out to you, really.........Laura


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          What happened at Virginia Tech was terrible. It doesnt just make you sad, it makes you angry. My partner garduated from Virginia Tech, and still has friends that go. We stayed posted all day yesterday, and made sure his friends were ok.

          I dont understand these things. I know what possesses someone to kill themselves, thats fine. I believe you should be able to make your own decisions in life. But what possesses someone to take so many people down with them? What is that?! So many familes were robbed of their children. All because of some jerk off that couldnt cope.


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            It's horrifying and so senseless and sad. My daughter is in grade 11 at a high school she really likes( I do too, staff are great), but I felt alot of anxiety seeing her go today, knowing this could happen anywhere. Doesn't help that the anniversary of Columbine is close, either. My heart goes out to all the families and friends affected by this. Such a terrible waste of life.


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              Its hard to hear about this, a lot of kids from my school (in N. VA) went on to VT, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I knew some of the victims, I haven't seen a list of names yet though, and I'm dreading when it comes out.


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                I just started a new thread on this, not realizing a topic had already been started on it...but the killer was a South Korean, I was so disappointed! (I lived there for 4 years!!!! I love those people!!!).

                I feel so bad for his parents, they have to continue to live, after their son committed this heinous crime.

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  It's such a terribly sad situation. It makes you realize how short life is, to live everyday to the fullest because you just never know what can happen. I feel for those families, I hope that everyone involved can come to some sort of peace about the situation, though I know that can be a long process.
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