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Need advise on my dogs

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  • Need advise on my dogs

    Everyone, I am desperate I need some advise. My 2 dogs (pekapoos) and my roommates dog (Border x) all girls seem to be having some troubles getting along.

    the Border x gets aggressive and today actually bit my littlest one and me (cause I was trying to get her off my baby)

    I really think that today was because of all the rain Ashlee (the border x) was a bit stressed cause she wasn't able to be out running and playing. well anyway when I brought all the girls in from a potty break and was wiping them all down my oldest cyndi likes to bite the towel and shake it and play once we are done the drying process. well penny my youngest wanted in on the play then Ashlee pounced on penny and started attacking her. thankfully she only has a small cut on the leather of her ear which I treated with peroxide and then neosporin I have never seen my baby cry like that and forget my hand that is swollen and bruised already thankfully no real damage just sore.

    So what can I do to help these 3 pups get along a little better. This isn't the 1st time but it is progressivly getting worse. We keep the toys seperate and their dry food since that seemed to trigger the last episodes. I am wondering if Ashlee is becoming too attached to me and thought that my girls were hurting me therefor really trying to protect me. any thoughts or suggestions would be soooooo appreciated.