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Somebody step on my keyboard, please!

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  • Somebody step on my keyboard, please!

    I've been thinking about getting a new laptop except they cost $$$$. My original problems have been dents in the casing from me dropping it. Whoops! and the power cord refused to stay put in its little hole so I had to sit there and hold it at weird angles for the battery to recharge.

    Well, while my parents were visiting and with the whole ordeal with Brenna being scared to death of my dad, someone along the way stepped on my power cord and bent it, but now I can force it in and it won't budge! Yay! Except my keyboard has taken a turn for the worse, my space bar will sporadically go off twice instead of once, and my delete button barely works. I usually go over what I type and delete delete delete and rewrite what I'm saying several times, so its driving me insane right now!

    So, maybe if someone steps on my keyboard that will fix things??

    I did just get my first CC and I've only used it for vet bills so far, I've been thinking about getting either a k9II with it or a new computer, and I'm tempted to just get both. lol Logic says no, but I really want both. haha

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    One thing at a time lol.
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      Yes 1 thing at a time but you may want to check with the manufacturer of the laptop about a new power cord and the cost. then call either their tech support or another computer tech support to see what it would cost to fix the keyboard. It may be as simple as popping off the keys that are sticking and cleaning them. you may even be able to do it yourself. have you tried compressed air?

      just a thought. get some quotes before you make any final decisions. it sounds to me like these are minor issues and if that is all that is wrong it may be worth it to try and fix them 1st.


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        I know I shouldn't, it's very tempting though!