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I'm a bad mommy

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  • I'm a bad mommy

    But its hard to keep her 'quiet' after her spay for 2 whole weeks!

    Yes, there's more where that came from. lol

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    She's gorgeous.


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      Oh, I feel your pain. It was almost impossible to keep Whizzy quiet after his snip snip. He had two speeds; running amok or asleep. Come to think of it, he still only has two speeds. I'm not even sure he knows how to walk. He runs everywhere.


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        Too cute! I wish that my dogs would play together more often! Biscuit just tolerates Penny, and then when Biscuit is actually in a playful mood, Penny is too dumb to realize it! Plus if she actually starts playing, she gets easily distracted! so it doesn't last more than a minute or two.
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          At least she doesn't mope around. My poodle would lay around feeling soory for her self Your little beagle(?) is an ankle biter lol.


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            Sassy, she's horrible! She does that to any dog she plays with no matter how big or small! She's also a face-grabber. lol

            Brenna is fairly mellow for a shepherd puppy, but when they play, they PLAY!

            I was cracking up earlier, I had a bowl of ice cream and was sitting on the floor watching TV while I ate it. Well, Mollie was outraged that Brenna would think she could beg, too. She aroooooo'd and charged at her anytime she came close to the ice cream. lol (and no, neither of them got any) The little pig also cleans up any food Brenna might leave behind, I'm going to have to cut her food back to compensate for what she cleans up.