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  • Bye-Bye Firefox

    I had to uninstall firefox because it was soo awful. I could get into chat room....never anyone there. Each time I came here thru firefox, my scroll would not work, or it jumped past all posts and would not adjust to where I wanted it. It was only good for chat. If I ever was to chat, it would have been a pain anyway. Is there another avenue to go thru java enabled browser? If my friends nephew shows up soon he can hopefully fix it to work w/ internet explorer. My computer now acts like dial-up. Very sloooooow.It is high speed, but it sure doesn't respond like it is. Waaaaaaaaah I can't recommend it with my set up. Windows XP I think it is called. Gateway computer laptop. Only just 4mos old.The good thing, there is time before everyone is signed on over there.