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Werid Stuff Your Dog Has Done.

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  • Werid Stuff Your Dog Has Done.

    Me and my BF (Chris) were talking about werid stuff the critters (cats/dogs) had done. And he said that the one who had done some of the weridest stuff was Jack my American Foxhound. Amoung all the werid stuff that this dog has done this one is his favorite (he tells it to all his customers).

    So the guys are over playing dominos and one of his buddies Joey starts playing some chords on one of Chris's guitars. My Foxhound Jack gets up from the couch and walks over to him and starts singing in key. It was really cute. I go "hey Joey give Chris the guitar". So he does and Chris starts playing the chords, and Jack looks at him and runs out of the room. At this point every one is laughing. Jack comes back into the room goes up to Joey and starts talking to him.

    Morale of the story don't let the drummer play guitar even the dog doesn't like it

    This dog had so much personality it's hard to believe that it's been a year and half since he passed.

    Just wanna know if anyone esle's dog/cat does werid stuff.
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    I had a 14 yr old cat, Kimba, who I lost in January. She was such a lover, and so mellow, even when she was a kitten she'd play, but preferred loving and cuddling to playing. Sometimes she'd get the zoomies and rip around the house with her ears pinned to her head, claws digging into anything and everything, then run high up to a perch. Wag her eyes back and forth, then she'd be off again! Not such weird behavior, but for her it was so bazaar. We used to love it! It was like she was momentarily possessed.

    Our poodle ZZ cocks his head when you talk to him in a funny voice, and only with my hubby will he cock his head whichever way he's cocking his. Hubby will speak silly and lean to the left, so does ZZ, and vice versa.

    My bengal X cat, Mercedes paws around the water bowl like she's digging before she drinks every single time.
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      Gracie tries to get on the computer. A couple of months ago she plucked off almost every single key on the computer....I, of course, had to get a picture.
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        My first dachshund, Ralph, used to sing when I played my recorder...the flute like instrument, not a tape recorder.

        Ralph would also climb my pear tree and eat the pears he could reach. And he used to catch baby bunnies in the spring, and carry them, unharmed into the house, and stash them behind the furniture. Being baby bunnies, they'd stay wherever he put them until I was cleaning, and found them. And he'd cry when I took them outside and turned them loose.

        Nan, a bull terrier, liked to carry bottles around. If she killed a mouse, she'd drop it in her food bowl.

        The last horse I owned, J'MS (that stood for Just My Size, and was pronounced James), was a better escape artist than Houdini. And when he got out, he'd come up to the house and watch television through the window.

        Whizzy carries all the dog toys from one room to another. He has to have all the toys in whatever room he's playing in. He also likes to spin ice cubes around on the kitchen floor. And if he has the opportunity, he sits on my shoulder, like a cat.

        Oli? Oli likes to train baby dogs, lol. He's good at it, too. I should rent him out.


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          my dog felony who died almost a year ago used to do so many things,she new all of my sisters,brother,nieces and nephews names i would tell her to go say hi to uncle carlos and she would go right up to him and show him her tummy i think she liked him very much because she only did that to him apart from my husband,son and me; to everyone else she would just go next to them till they touched her and left i dont know how she new everyone names but she did; my brother used to say that she acted like a little girl he has 2 so i guess he new better than me,the other thing she did was when i asked who wants a massage she would get up so fast stand right in front of me with her back legs slightly open and her head down i would rub her slowly starting with her head and ending with her tail,then she would quickly flip with her tummy up and let me rub her underside when i finished i would rub her inside thighs a little harder and then softly smacked her an her tummy she would get up stretch and shake and would go back to do whatever she was doing before. one other thing she did was that when i called after she had done something wrong she would'nt come to me then i would count to 3 and she would come right up i don't think i ever got to 3 she would come right after i 'd say 2, i could go on and on about my little felony she did a lot of wierd things i guess that's why i miss her so much.


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            kira my shep mix, likes the watch animal planet. inparticular any show on wolves. we were watching her wolf program and a commercial came on. my husband who was tired of the program, figured he could switch it and she wouldn't know. well she barked at him until he turned it back. when the credits rolled at the end of the program, she snuffed at him and then got off the bed and left the room.
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              I forgot about the horse (Sugar) she crawls under fences to visit her buddies. And my cocker would bark at the bath tub (we had a possum that lived under it for awhile).
              Never gonna know if you never even try


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                Once I left my coffee on a night table. When I came into the room there was my poodle lapping up the coffee! Now,when I put my coffee cup down, he just sits next to it, stares at it and laps the air! I think he's fantisizing that he's getting that tongue back into the coffee cup!


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                  Funny Stuff

                  My Cody used to carry his food bowl around the house until he found just the right spot to drop it and eat. He would lay down with the bowl between his front paws and eat 1 piece of food at a time.

                  Sometimes he would choose to lay in front of the patio doors, sometimes on the patio, bathroom, never knew until you heard the bowl clunk on the floor and then we'd search to see where he decided to eat. Unless of course he decided to drop it in front of us while we were watching TV and eat one piece at a time staring at us like we were his version of the TV.

                  Also, he would never think to overeat. He could leave 2 pieces of kibble in his bowl. He was hysterical!!


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                    I don't think that my dogs do all that weird of things, haha. Oh, if I clean up their toys they will immediately resprinkle them around the room, but I think I have heard of other dogs doing that. Umm, Biscuit likes to sleep on my huge stuffed bear that I won at an amusement park. Hmm, that's about it...they are pretty boring.
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                      My poodle that just turned one takes the out side fauset and turns it with his mouth untill it comes on (even when there is a bowl of water right there) then he gets the top of his head sopping wet while trying to lick the water as it splashes in the mud. He also stands at our back fence with our other poodle with their butts in the air looking under the fence to the new puppy on the other side. Thats quite a site!


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                        Cash, my Af steals cheese out of the fridge in the middle of the night. I finally worked it out how he does it. I keep a towel pulled through the handle of the fridge door - one day I realized that all my towels had teeth holes. He pulls the towel and the door opens and he does his raiding. Never caught him at it, but I find the empty cheese plate and wrappings. He's slick!


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                          I used to have a Raggdoll,best cat,best friend I ever had.I will try really hard not to cry as I write these words as he was so dear to me and his life was cut to short;he was only 4yrs.old.His death is something I will not go into as I am still angry after 15 years have passed.With all that said he was a smart,lovable little stinker! He was like a character in the childrens story book called the "Borrowers" he would take things,hide them,but always returned something he had taken in the past.Always borrowing my earings,hair bobs,christmas ornimants;ect..I never discovered his hiding place either! He was also one of those guys who played fetch and could always find a way to open the feed ben;even when put up in a pantry cubbard.He also played first fiddle when company came! He would play a "newbie" none other I have seen! His treats were kept in a coffee table drawer and he would just sit and stare at it waiting for the guest to always ask;"whats up w/the cat"?Well I don't think I need to say much more,lol! The guest would always want to give him a treat after my explanation! He sure was a one of a kind,and I sure do miss him.


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                            Originally posted by rapuzzled View Post
                            I don't think that my dogs do all that weird of things, haha. Oh, if I clean up their toys they will immediately resprinkle them around the room, but I think I have heard of other dogs doing that. Umm, Biscuit likes to sleep on my huge stuffed bear that I won at an amusement park. Hmm, that's about it...they are pretty boring.
                            LOL,my dog's best thing is to be "velcro dog"! If there was an award for that he would win hands down! Oh he knows all kinda tricks,and is well behaived.He is going on 15,slowing down a bit but still a loyal buddy.


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                              My black poodle "Calli" opened the garage door so she and Shasta could go visit Jasmine and Daisy (the Dachshunds next door).

                              When Calli was a pup, one night she pooped in the spare bedroom and turned on the ceiling fan afterwards.