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  • Need car advice!!!

    Ok, I have a Std Poodle, a Shep/Rottie X, a baby, and we're planning on having several more in the next couple years whether it be canine or humine. I really don't want a minivan, I'm not ready to trade my cool young person card for mom taxi. I want a V6, and don't have a lot of $$ so need a used car that's not super new. Suggestions please! What should I look for? If I have to get a minivan, fine, but I'm hoping there's another option. We're thinking we'll need seating for 7 (the 2 of us + 2 dogs + 2+ kids + luggage or friends/family). What do you guys who cart alot of people/pets around recommend?
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    just do the so cal thing and get a suv or hummer


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      I swore I'd never get another van too, don't know why, they ride nice I just don't want one. I currently drive a Toyota Matrix and I love it! We actually went on the lot and said we have to have a car with dog capacity! The hatch is great for dogs, it's all plastic in the back with removable carpet mat. Unfortunately it won't work for your passenger load since it only seats 5 but for our family of four it works out great. In the back I put my boxer, border collie and mutt. I know there are vehicles out there that have 3rd row seating without being huge or a van, I think the new Toyota Rav4 is one of them. Yes, I love my Toyotas, my husband just bought one of the new Yaris to drive to work and he loves the gas mileage. Good luck and use the Consumer Reports before you buy, very helpful.


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        I can see why anyone would have "van resistance" but there is nothing like a van. My 2 are grown and I have just 1 child left and we still have a van. There are so many times it comes in handy. My husband and son use it to go camping and skiing, to take children to college in fall, pick them up in summer (lots of sh**), my husband uses it for business, for shopping, and then when everyone's home, we can all fit in one vehicle including my Mom. Someday, I will miss having a van. Since you have a baby, planning more and want more pets, there's nothing like it. Sometimes, ya gotta be practical. I think if you buy something other then a van, you may be sorry down the line. There are so many nice ones and they drive great. That's been my experience.


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          an SUV

          I wanted something bigger & like you - no van. I got a 96 Toyota 4runner, ($4000, ebay). Room for 5 people & 2 large dogs can go in the back. Rear seats fold down for the more dogs/ less people option.
          So far 16mpg. Very nice ride for the money. I really like it.



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            I never liked the old minivan look, but the newer ones I think are awesome! I have a 7 passenger Explorer (my husband is a die hard Ford fan). LOVE it. But it doesn't have much luggage room at all. My sis has a Tahoe and loves hers, it has a little more luggage room. My mom has an Expedition, besides it driving like a truck she says she likes it. We're all dog people, so we gotta have that extra space for our canine family too. So much depends on what you can afford. My sis bought her used Tahoe for the same price as my new Explorer. But since my Explorer was new I got an amazingly better deal at financing than she did. Kind of a catch 22, I would buy a minivan now though. But I may be a bit older than you...They do seem like a family symbol. But there's nothing wrong with that. Good luck...Uggggh, I hate car buying probably more than anything!


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              have had 2 expiditions in 9 yrs will never go back to anything else,i just love it it drives like a dream the turning radius is awesome,room for kids and dogs,and i feel safe in it,i went and had it detailed a few weeks ago,and had to leave it there a few hours so my friend picked me up in her little sports car,man i felt so unsafe in that little sardine can


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                I have a subaru forrester, it only seats 5 but the back is very spacious, my dogs sit in the passenger and back seat but they could both fit comfortably in the back if I wanted to put a barrier up.

                I love the way it drives, my dad, who is/was a die hard volvo 240 fan even said it handles/turns better than a volvo. In fact, after I got mine (I got an '02 in 04) he ran out and got a brand new one a week later. I like that it's small (station wagon sized) because I get nervous driving anything too big. I'm not sure how many it seats, but I believe they recently came out with a regular size SUV.

                I drove my parent's ford windstar for a while before I got my own car and I hated hated hated driving that thing, I would never get a mini van either. lol


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                  Personally I have a wagon. Seats seven with all the seats down, or enough stuff for a 4 day out of state show with 2 dogs and 2 people. And she gets 20 mpg (still).
                  Never gonna know if you never even try


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                    Bring back the old VW Microbus! All the advantages of a van, without feeling like you're driving a suburban housefrau's grocery getter! And they got great gas milage.


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                        I test-drove a Dodge Durango and it had seating for 7.


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                          Do your research. Think about gas mileage and reliability. If you get an SUV stay away from Jeeps and Land Rovers. They have problems and are pricey to fix. Also the Chevy Blaze and the GMC Jimmy have seal leaks that are unfixable and are just junk. (if you talk to any mechanic or car salesman)

                          Saab's are reliable but pricey to fix if something happens. The Subaru Outback wagon is a great car. AWD, great gas mileage and very reliable. Can be pricey depending on who is selling it, but shouldn't be to much...

                          Always check the lowbook price before buying a car. If something, for example, my old friend's husband bought a '96 Dodge Intrepid in 2002. Lowbook for that car in good condition was around 6k. He bought it for 14k with a bunch of problems. He was stupid. That car was only worth 18k when it came out.

                          When buying a used car, look around, different dealerships and private sellers. If you know a mechanic I suggest taking him/her with you to check out the cars. Don't be scared to ask questions about the car if you suspect something. Make sure everything is in working order. If the salesmen is a moron, go somewhere else. When I bought my car the right blinker had a blown bulb in the front, but they thought it was working because the light still came on. So I had to explain to them how the system worked.

                          Take any car for a test drive. Make sure you can get the car to go over 40 mph. Preferably take in on the freeway. If a car has a problem it may not show itself on surface streets. Like the rotors are warped the car will shake when stopping. However this will only happen if the car travels faster than 40 mph. And suspension and axel problems will show if the car is going over 50 mph.

                          So take your time and choose wisely. Don't just get something for looks. You may have to settle for a van, but if you don't need something that big right now then go with something smaller. When you have more kids, you can always move up in size of car.

                          Good luck...


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                            Wow Raggs, are you sleeping with your mechanic or what???

                            I have an Outback now, not nearly enough room. Plus, I went against my "rules" and let hubby buy it out of state without the approval of my mechanic, and it's awful. Bad tires, ABS system is terrible to the point I'm afraid to stop quickly, oil was bad when we got it even though they said it had just been changed, brakes were all dried up and they said they had taken care of that, whatever. From now on I call the shots on my car, and I don't purchase anything unless my mechanic can look at it, and give the s up.

                            Oh, BTW, I'm selling a great Subaru Outback, anyone interested?
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                              My dad has been a mechanic since he was 17 and was also a car salesman. So I get to know the ins and outs off all that lovely car purchase stuff.

                              Good luck in whatever you buy.