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Firefox Lets Me Into Chat Room

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  • Firefox Lets Me Into Chat Room

    Ok, I can get in now, when i switch access to firefox. At friends yesterday, their nephew offerd free repair on my laptop if I drop it off today or someday soon. H said it probably has worms and a virus. He can access internet explorer to be java enabled instead of firefox and also get rid of my junk.I all my hours of attempts, i put a lot of trash on my computer. I have many areas i want to delete or change. I hope it doesn't take him long. He is doing it for free, as it is his profession. Funny, there isn't anyone there yet, and I am not sure to to get out of the lobby and into a room. I am actually very happy just being here.I don't like firefox because it makes my scroll not work, or backspace, or jumps past my reply,etc. It is just poor performance and frustrating to go thru that browser.Does this make sense? Computer talk is complicated.PS I would rather i had worms in my computer than my body!!!haha. Still sounds yucky.