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  • I Just Have To Vent This

    I have been trying to get into that blankity-blank chat room for days! I was one of the first in the lobby, then my puter blocked my keyboard. Ever since restore, no matter what, I still read not Java enabled browser. BUt....I am Javaed up to my eyeballs with enabled approval on control panel. sign ups verifications, you name it!!! I even went back to firefox cuz Cox said java is automatic with it. NOOOO not yet. I got Maxthon....still no. It is something w/ internet explorer security or some such frustrating thing. I even have petgroomer as my home page! Now I get here very easily. I try to switch to firefox for chat...doesn't help. I hope Stephen reads this. It has nuttin to do with user name or password,; the log in bar doesn't even appear. It will cost me to go to a computer store to try to get in. I hope it is worth the effort.Please let this post....maybe someone can help me. I do like my internet explorer. Whether it is my browser default or firefox or maxthon...I can't get in.I hope I learn from this. I tell you the truth. I was up ALL night Friday and went to bed at 8;30am got up 3;30. I lost the day! I have eaten and mainly on here trying. My feet are very grotesque and swollen from sitting here so long. The walk helped a little. Have mercy on me....I have to get this accomplished. HELP! I am Not going to let this take away my Easter lPlease, Monday offer help with details!!!!I hope I need update approval from petgroomer update and it is cuz of holiday.Please let this post moderator..It is not mean, dirty, or political.I just wanna be included. Are you afraid I will hog the chat room?I promise I won't.I will be a polite girl, honest.

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    Your computer isn't an iMac by any chance? I have similar problems. Even took the darned thing in for repairs, and I still can't access the chat room. My computer locks up every time I try. Maybe it's AOL? Sheesh, I don't know. It's frustrating, to be sure.


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      Well I don't know about everyone else but when I go into the chat room no one is ever in there so MUSTlovedogs you aren't missing anything. No one is using it much. I wish they would I think it would be fun. But then again I worry I may type something without thinking about it first. You can't take it back or edit that lol.