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  • Outlook question

    So I was putzing around with Outlook tonight and found out I can personalize the contacts info and add whatever sections I want. I don't know anything about Outlook so I had a couple of questions.

    When you're editing the Contacts options, you have tab choices of General, Details, Activities, Certificates, All Fields. How do you delete the tabs you don't want, and rename the tabs you created? I only wanted a tab for the people info, and a tab for each pet and its info. If I save a form template with one tab for pet info, can I add a tab for additional pets? Or do I have to create a whole new form template and save it with several pet tabs?

    The "File As" line in the General tab...when I initially entered my own info into it, it offered choices like last name, first name; or first, last; or business name(last, first). I deleted the business name and added pet's name. Now that I've changed it, it only wants to recognize last name, first name; and first name, last name. I also want it to recognize pet's name, last name. How do I change the options in "file as"? The help toolbar is useless, as it always is in Microsoft documents.

    How do you all have your Outlook stuff organized and personalized?