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No one is reading my story, boo, hoooo.

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  • No one is reading my story, boo, hoooo.

    Find my story under the heading about the house being active. Title No Ghosts But.....Very interesting, I think..........How bout you? Ok, I know many are away for Easter.

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    Read your story

    I read your story when you first posted it. In fact my husband was sitting next to me and I read it to him too. His reaction was "cool!". If it had happened to me, I would have been really creeped out. That being said, both my husband and I believe in ghosts and from our understanding most ghosts are just there and do no malice. If you truly believe there are ghosts in your house, try to find a paranormal group in your area. Some of the big groups will investigate your claims to see if they can find evidence of ghosts and will share their findings with you. Then you can decide what your next step will be. Many people live in houses with paranormal activity, but as long as the spirits are not threatening, they just accept it and know that the "strange things" they see are truly the other inhabitants they share their home with. Let us know how things are going!
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      Noooo, you missed it.

      I am not the one with so-called ghosts....My story about Norman is a joke. It is the story of the Hitchcock movie, Psycho!!!! There were hints all thru it. My last name is the same as Normans' owner of the B---- motel. People tease me cuz my business name is B----Mobile Grooming...almost like motel. People remember that way.I actually thinl ghosts are not dead people, rather impersonators, they are demons and not the actual dead person. Very dangerous. I don't open that door to the dark side. There are many good things to think about. Too negative. Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year...more than Christmas. Actually it is here. Happy Easter.Remember the old member here Jbates?Find under You know you are a groomer when......


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        You know

        I support your efforts in the messaging world and am fond of you, Mustlovedogs, but I have to say I still sometimes have trouble understanding your posts. You are doing much much better, but I still sometimes just pass by them not getting what you were trying to portray. I know you are still new at this so I didn't want to say anything, but when you feel bad that no one responds look at some possibility it might be partly your posts. Do you stop after you write it out and read it and think if you didn't know anything at all about the situation would you understand?

        Also please remember that many of us are real busy. Some read all but don't have the time to answer. I read probably 4 out 15 posts, and answer often just about 2 of those, unless I really have some down time. I do scan through every day and wish I had more time to see more. I am planning to start a speed reading deal to wiz through faster. This is the busiest board in the universe, at least it feels that way.

        AND Boy am I glad to be busy!!!!!!!!

        Happy Easter
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