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my husbands weight loss

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  • my husbands weight loss

    he has lost 35#'s in 16 days and he is doing great i can tell in his face that he's losing weight and also because he is way more active he works nights so when i got home yesterday from work he had cleaned the whole house,fed all the dogs picked up the poop and washed the area down with soap,changed the litter box and took out the trash did dishes and washed our clothes including the sheets and blankets,swept and moped the whole house we have all tile and wood floors,i was very surprised and happy we've been married for 8 yrs and he has never done that before so i'm very happy for him and me too!

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    Congrats to him on the weight loss and congrats to you on the new maid... ha ha ha....


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      I just printed this out to take it in to my husband........ He is in there on the couch complaining how fat he is!


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        WOW!! That is amazing!! He must feel incredible already! Good for him and you too! This is just the beginning. He'll be a new man before you know it!!


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          Wow! What diet plan is he on?
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!


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            We went on vacation 2 years ago to a place where they were having surfing competitions, everyone was in UNUSUALLY good shape. It was pretty depressing but I had my 2 young kids so I felt justified with my average size. On the other hand, my husband was shocked at how he really looked compared to what he thought he looked like. We came back and he lost 30# and has exercised virtually every day since. It has definitely had a fallout effect on me, I lost about 12# just from not having someone offer me ice cream at bedtime!


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              karla,he had the gastric by-pass surgery around 2 weeks ago i guess that would make anybody loose that much weight but regardless i'm still happy for him, i was looking at some pictures from last year when we went to yosemite and you can see the difference in the way he looks i just hope i can keep up with him.