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Oh my house is active.... (long sorry)

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  • Oh my house is active.... (long sorry)

    Ok, so were all moved in to the new house. Going to pick up Zeek on Saturday after the gate gets put in. This is a very active house. I'm getting pretty annoyed with the places I live.

    I had my son last week and I didn't tell him we were moving nor did my ex-husband. Well when we got home I told him that this is mommy's new house. I was watching tv and my son was having a conversation. I would watch him every few minutes and he would just be talking and starting. Then he turned and looked at me and said, "Mommy, this is a really old house huh." I said, yes it is. The house was built in 1900. Then he proceeded to tell me more about the house. What is my baby's room he said was the "office" and just kept going on like that. So I asked me who he was talking to, he just shrugged and laughed. Then a few minutes later he started talking and staring again. I'll walk into the kitchen and a cabinet door will be open. I usually assume that Aaron left it open because he has a tendency to do that. So I'll shut it and walk into another room, then later I'll walk back into the kitchen and another cabinet door will be open. Me being the only one home.

    Then last night my baby woke up so I made her a bottle and when I walked into her room I saw a shadow move across the wall. At first I was freaked out then I moved and saw the shadow again, so I just chalked it up to being my shadow. Even though it was 3 in the morning and there were no lights on. There was a little light so I assumed that was enough to cast a shadow. Then I walked back into my room and saw a shadow again. This time I knew it wasn't mine. The little light that was coming thru the doorway where I was standing was not going the direction where the shadow was. I got into bed so quick. Grabbed Aaron and just buried my head. Then my baby woke up an hour later and I was not about to get out of bed for fear of what I would see next.

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    Do you ever watch the "Ghost Whisper"? I like that show. Maybe you better call her to come and talk to your "ghost" and find out more about your house.

    Move the baby in with you so you don't have to go to her room at night.

    "Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!"
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      Spooky--this is a case for the Ghost Whisperer!

      Seriously, I would do some research on the house just to see if you can find any information. If you have neighbors and they have lived in their houses a while, once you get to know them, I would casually ask if the former owners heard or saw things.

      Keep us up todate, I love to hear, read and watch things on TV about the paranormal.


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        Well this is the house that Aaron's mom was born and raised in.

        I've had other experiences also, not just in this house.

        When I lived in NY when I lived in my aunts basement there was a lot of things going on.

        One day my mom's dog was begging to go upstairs, more so than he usually did. I wouldn't let him. He jumped over the back of the couch, which he never did. He had a hard time just getting on the seat of the couch. Well he sat on my lap and was moving his head back and forth like he was watching someone pace. Then he stopped and just stared at one spot. His head then moved back like someone was pushing it. Then he went flying off my lap backwards. His back was level with the wall and all 4 paws were in the air. I caught him mid air and ran my butt upstairs. Well after I cursed out the ghost... LOL...

        Then in my apartment there were a lot of strange things. Eerie feelings, we had a ghost cat. Things would move, lights would go on and off and I would see "people" walking around. Also my bed and my sisters bed would shake. Well one weekend one of my friends was staying over because my mom was out of town and my sister had moved back to Utah. I told her about all the stuff except I forgot about the beds shaking. It only happened 2 or 3 times a week, not every day like the other stuff. When we were in bed she said my name with a little fear in her voice. I asked her what, then she yelled at me asking, "why the hell is my bed shaking?" All I could do was laugh. I told her to say, stop shaking my bed. She did and the shaking stopped.

        So I am used to things happening. Now that everyone thinks I'm crazy I'll stop for now.


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          I think that stuff is kinda neat. However, we have been looking to buy a house and I am really paranoid about buying an older home.

          The house I grew up in supposedly had a little girl spirit. There was a gravestone in the back yard that said Martha on it. My parents did research and found out she died there when she was 7. My mom said things would move, doors would open, she would hear footsteps on the stairs, someone running around upstairs. My one sister told me that she swears she seen one of those orb lights fly past her on the stairs. I never heard or seen anything other than the graveyard in the backyard. I often wondered if my mom was just making things up...but my sister mentioned that orb again just recently when we were watching some ghost who knows.

          When we first moved into the place I am now, my son who was 3 at the time, would tell me every AM that he didn't sleep well because someone was walking around in the kitchen. He said he didnt know who she was..all he could see were her bare feet and a purple robe. That totally freaked me out. My grandma use to live here...she was a night owl...always barefoot and wore a lilac robe. So, anytime something falls, or something weird happens, I figure it is her and say hi. (hubby thinks Im crazy lol)


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            I used to live in a house that was spook central. I won't go into detail, but the stuff going on there was way weirder than shadows, doors opening, and things like that.

            I also have a little black dog that shows up on occassion. I rarely see him if I look directly at him. He's just there, in the corner of my eye. And he acts as a warning. Something is wrong. And he warns/protects me.

            One day, while my girls were in school, the freak show started again, and I decided I'd had enough. I started off by saying "This is not impressing me in the least. You are NOT scaring me. If you could hurt me, you would have done it by now. I'm not going anywhere, and I think it's time for you to leave."

            After that, the freak show became really impressive, but I said "Not impressed. You have to go." The front door flew open. The little black dog was standing in the doorway. I said "That's right! GO! NOW!"

            Whatever it was, it left. After that there were no more manifestations. But I do still see the little black dog once in a while.


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              Helly, I want details! lol

              I've never had any experiences of my own, but I like hearing others' stories.


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                You are freaking me out!

                I live alone now. I don't watch that stuff on tv with the ghost searchers with the special light. I have my own beliefs on the subject, but won't go there u nless in a PM. I walk past my mothers' bedroom every time I go to my room, bathroom, or garage. I don't like to go in there at night altho I know I don't need to be afraid.My mother sent me a message at the moment of her death. She said she would if she could.I left her hospice room for 15 minutes to go to Walgreens to buy her a Listerine breath film that disolves on your tongue. Nurses said she would not go til hours later. Funny, theu always go right after you leave the room. She sent me a song I had never heard before on the radio station I always have on. "If You Could See Me Now" by Russ Lee. I think it was written about soldiers who have died.It was on at 1:30Pm and when I got back, the nurse was at the front door. I said, She's gone isn't she? Yes, she just stopped breathing. What time ? Clock on wall behind nurse. I:30 she said. It was 1:45Pm. The song came on at the moment she died!Sometimes, I think I see movement out of the corner of my eye in here ...haalway dining room. When I sit in kitchen familyroom., and look toward front hall and door. BTW those breath tads are so strong it would have choked her to death had I used one. She did't even need it!


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                  2 years ago when I left my ex I moved in with my mom. When I would go to bed a little girl would start talking to me and she would always say, can you see him, can you? Then after I would hear her I would hear a mans voice and he was mad. I didn't like him, but I didn't mind the little girl. Then one night I was getting out of the shower and I saw a tall man walk out of the bathroom. I called out "grandpa". then I ran into where my sister was and asked if she just saw what I saw. She didn't, then I told her I think it was grandpa and I need to call him. She said he's fine she just talked to him an hour ago. I never did call him, I wish I did though. My mom called me the next day and told me that he died. But the coroner put time of death at 4am and I saw him at 9pm. My grandma who was out of town said she talked to him at 10pm and he was fine.


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                    My dad has had several experiences like that as a child. The first time I think it was one of his grandparents or an aunt or uncle, he woke up and asked about the person, if they were OK, etc. They found out later the person had died earlier that night. The 2nd time he did it, my grandma ran to the phone remembering the first time, and the person had indeed passed away.

                    I always tell him never to wonder what happened to me, because a lot of times he'll wonder what happened to a celebrity or start singing a song by them, and he'll find out later that they just died.


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                      when i was about 10 my grandfather lived with us. he shared a room with my little sister. one night my while my mom was at work he was upstairs and i could hear him violently throwing up in the bathroom. i was a kid so i thought he was just getting sick and he would be fine. a few minutes later my mom got home and she told me to go check on poppop. well when i walked in to his room he was sitting on the bed holding his arm, he looked at me and his eyes rolled back in is head and he fell off the bed on to the floor and smacked his head on the wall in the process. i FREAKED out and ran downstairs hysterical to get my mom. she ran upstairs and i remember her screamming omg his ears are turning blue! she called 911. i remember the paramedics bringing him down stairs to the living room and shocking him with those paddles right in front of all of us. i remember them saying he was dead and then they took him in the ambulance. when we got back from the hospital we went to bed. the next morning my mom told me that she woke up during the night and he was sitting on the end of her bed. we moved out of that house about a year or so later. we only moved about 5 minutes up the road from that house.

                      someone else moved in and i went to school with their kids. i remember those kids telling me that the bedroom door and bathroom door would open and close by itself.


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                        Originally posted by Maggy View Post
                        My dad has had several experiences like that as a child. The first time I think it was one of his grandparents or an aunt or uncle, he woke up and asked about the person, if they were OK, etc. They found out later the person had died earlier that night. The 2nd time he did it, my grandma ran to the phone remembering the first time, and the person had indeed passed away.

                        I always tell him never to wonder what happened to me, because a lot of times he'll wonder what happened to a celebrity or start singing a song by them, and he'll find out later that they just died.
                        Oh wow, sounds like he psychic. That would get scary at times.


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                          I got a ghost experiance. Stayed the night at one of my friends house went to sleep and the closet was closed. Woke up about 1 in the moring and the door was open. No big deal right, except that the cat was looking at the closet with his head tilted. Looked over at my friend sleeping right next to me. I look at the closet again and some clothes start flying out of it,

                          I wake up my friend and she says. Oh that's just Bob he doesn't like new people, was Bear (the cat) looking at the door? Umm yes. It turns out that if the cat looks at the closet and doesn't move, bob won't do anything werid. If the cat runs then you need to too. Something about shaking beds, books being thrown, etc.

                          I believe my friend completly, and have never stayed at her house again.
                          Never gonna know if you never even try


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                            Another thing that would happen at my aunts house in NY. Well first I'll start by saying that she bought the house from my grandpa, it's the one that her, my mom and all her other 9 siblings were born and raised in. My mom's mom died when she was 4. One of my other aunts would always run up the stairs and my grandma would always tell her to walk not run because she didn't want her to trip and fall. Well after my grandma died she would continue to run up the stairs and she said she would feel like someone was watching her and my grandma's words would always pop into her head about halfway up, so she would slow down and walk the rest of the way. They aren't normal stairs that you would see now, they are steep and the stairway turns, so it would be a nasty fall.

                            Well I was upstairs one day putting my cousins toys away, I started to walk down the stairs and missed a step. I started to fall forward, then I felt pressure on both my shoulders and I was pushed backward and ended up on my butt on one of the stairs. Just then what my aunt told me rang a bell in my head and I said, thank you grandma.

                            Another time I was asleep, it was around 7:30 am, my mom was at work, my uncle was at work and all my cousins were at school. I heard a mans voice call my name, so I responded with, what. I heard it again and again just responded with, what. Then I heard it again so I sat up and kinda angrily said, what do you want? Then I realized I was alone downstairs. So I walked upstairs and my aunt was doing a puzzle. I asked her if she called me, she didn't. Then I asked if anyone else was home. Nope... Later that day I was downstairs watching tv and I heard my name being called again and again. I just ignored it. Then I looked into the bedroom and saw a white mist fly across the ceiling and disappear into the wall. That scared me enough that I ran upstairs and stayed there till my mom got home. I got a name when that happened though. Louie. So when my mom got home I asked her who Louie was. I'd never heard of him. Well it so happened she had a cousin named Louie who was killed. He did some things with the Mafia so it was rumored that they killed him. He went missing for a few weeks so a family member went to his house with the police and they found parts of him floating in the bath tub.


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                              Paranormal Investigation

                              I could probably find you a paranormal investigation group in Utah if you want. I have access to a network of "ghost hunters." If things get outta control for you. Just relax. Its really quite fascinating. I've been on a few investigations myself recently.