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  • What a night!

    I will never stray into computer headings I know nothing about. I got bored, read all the recent posts and then went off playing with icons. I adjusted sound volume and all of a sudden, my keys would not print! I tried everything! The worst was Gateway rejected helping me cuz I bought this laptop from HSN. They gave me a San Jose long distance number Not 800 toll free. Out of desperation, I called it at 1Am or later. On hold at least one half hour. Then, she gets my phone # and I am disconnected! Augh. I called Gateway and tried to get them to help such luck. I am like a second class citizen cuz I didn't buy direct.I called, my cox internet, call when they open the 800#. Don't mess with computer, you could ruin it, they said. EEEEK! Well, I restored it and went back to Sunday when it was fine. I even got Google address bar back. I have been up since yesterday morn at 8:30am. Now I am in a different sleep/awake mode. I never ate required protein yesterday. Funny, I weigh more now than yesterday on veggies!Is it time for breakfast? I dunno. It is now 4:22Am and I don't need Gateway anymore. Bet phone bill won't be good! Moral:, stick to and don't stray. Stay in the safe zone.I don't ever want to experience that again ,I am truly addicted! To not be able to get here freaks me out!

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    I don't click onto anything that I don't know. I'm too chicken, I'd probably mess something up and I would have to buy my daughter a new computer! lol

    Glad you found your way back. Hope your phone bill doesn't break you!
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."