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Could someone help me with this?

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  • Could someone help me with this?

    Some how after doing a lot of enables for java for new chat room, it seems I did something to make my keys silent. I still hear the space bar and other long and short, but I think my keys feel different and except for my nails sounds. Do any of you know a tool bar i can use to get my click sound back? I have Gateway laptop, but I think some stuff is equal on computers. It bothers me. Is this my imagination? I also had trouble with the click going thru when I click a post. Click....nothing. I left petgroomer for a sec and came back. clicks a little slow tonite. I have hi Speed internet service, with no waiting between clicks.If I make a mistake, I get a splash sound. A sqwak if wrong someplace that needs an ok. I also have an email service where I could here the snap of each letter typed. i think I lost that sound too.Does anyone know what I am talking about?
    Last edited by mustluvdogs1; 04-04-07, 04:00 AM. Reason: I fixed the problem. had no replys anyway.

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    What was it?


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      I fixed it at 4:30Am

      Thanks< I could have ruined my laptop, but fixed it with directions on restoring to how it was Sunday. It was in safe mode and I couldn't get that off either. I will never stray again. I need an invisible collar to zap me if I stray into computer links I know nothing about.No time for computer classes, cuz I have to answer all my dog clients for bookings. Naturally everyone wants their poopsie done for Easter!