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  • Oh what a night

    I'll tell the end of my story first, my dogs are just fine. Now, when I came home late from a community meeting deal, I could see that my two house free Brittanys had rummaged in something. (one couldn't rummage as he is still young and kept in an exercise pen when I'm gone). Unusual. I saw that they had found a noodle side dish packet and were finishing up the contents. They have not counter surfed previously. Well recently my one boy had a cut that got some odd infection and was on antibiotics. I just got a new 20 pills, though the signs of infection are almost all gone, but just in case. As I'm settleing in for the eveing I see a bit of the paper that the pills were in. Darn they were chewables, and I'd just moved them to the counter from my purse as left earlier. One or both dogs overdosed? 20 Baytril. Checked internet, not life threatening. Called a Poison Hotline. WHAT A GREAT THING. They were connected with ASPCA and the cost was a minute $35, per case. They instructed me to use Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting, which I had thought of, but good to have a Veterinarian support that. The girl, smaller first to see the contents. Unidentifiable so then the boy. He got 2 1/2 doses but would not vomit, well until 4:00 AM. The Vet told me what to watch for so that I would take them to an E. R. Vet if certain signs showed up. They wanted me to call back as the evening progressed.

    As I said dogs are just fine, but what a scare. There is more than one Hot line, but this one was very careful and knowledgeable, at 12:00 midnight my time, into 3:00 AM etc. their time.

    I think we aren't to put web sites on the board, but here is info with phone number if you want to keep it: The Animal Poison Hotline 888-232-8870 sponsored by North Shore Animal League America and PROSAR International Animal Poison Center (IAPC). PROSAR IAPC is staffed 24 hours a day with licensed veterinary professionals as well as experts in toxicology and pharmacology.
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    I'm glad your dogs are doing fine. What a scare that must have been!!!!

    Thanks for the hotline phone number, I've saved it in case if I ever need it.