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dog breeding - gender determination etc...

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  • dog breeding - gender determination etc...

    Where's Gemdach when you need her?!!!
    Oh yeah- Out playing with those show folks!!

    A client has a male & a female Yorkie & a female Maltese.
    M Yorkie & F Maltese produced 4 pups. The firstborn was larger & died, (maybe in the canal too long) the rest were healthy average size.

    M and F Yorkie (bred many times) produce 1 extra large pup delivered by

    Owner says the M Yorkie is not a good sire because he fathers big pups.
    Any truth to that?

    Who determines size of litter?
    Who determines size of individual pups?

    I thought sires determine gender, like in humans- true or not?

    I have many books on breeding but can't put my finger on this.
    Any help is much appreciated!


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    I can't answer all your questions. But the male would determine gender just like us but its still a 50/50 chance. He is not going to have more male sperm than female.


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      The sire determines the sex of the puppies, mostly. I say mostly because there are rare situations, such as androgen insensitive males, who are genetically male (from sire), but their body tissue will not respond to the effects of testosterone, and they are born more or less female, although they are not fertile.

      By the way, while most people use the words gender and sex interchangabley, they don't mean the same thing.

      Litter size can go either way. It's partly determined by the number of eggs, the quality of the sperm, and the timing. The size and age of the female can also be a determining factor. Litters in very young or old bitches, tend to be smaller.

      When a bitch has only one puppy, or even two puppies, it's almost always cause for a c-section, because the pup(s) recieves all the nutrition normally alotted for the entire litter, and it has all the room in the world to grow. Especially if each horn of the uterus only contains one pup.

      Size of the individual puppies can also be determined by either parent. Even little runty dogs can produce huge puppies if either of their parents or any of their grandparents are large.

      Personally, it sounds to me like these people don't know enough about breeding to be breeding.

      Oh, one more thing. I just got an e-mail from Gemdach about half an hour ago. She's in the midst of whelping baby wienie dogs.


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        gender vs sex

        I used gender because it sounds less risque' not knowing the difference.
        So what's the correct usage?

        Like many people breeding dogs, knowledge doesn't matter to them.
        They just see $$$$$$$$$$$$.
        Sad, I know but if I can help (or hinder) I try.
        I was the one who told her the Maltese was pregnant. And she didn't believe me at first.

        Thanks for the help!!


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          Originally posted by eli View Post
          I used gender because it sounds less risque' not knowing the difference.
          So what's the correct usage?

          Gender refers to the psychological perception or social roll a person sees themselves in. For example, a transexual male is physically one sex, but percieves himself as female, and adopts a female roll as his gender.
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