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Ok, I'm stupid... Smack me....

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  • Ok, I'm stupid... Smack me....

    There's a guy I know and I'm sure Diane and Tammy have seen him, but I don't know if they remember him. He's extremely annoying. He would show up at my work all the time just to say hi. I worked 2 hours from where he lived. He was really obsessive. I stopped talking to him for a long time, then stupid me got a myspace account so I could keep in touch easier with my friends in New York and my cousins back there. Well he must have been searching for me because he found me. He writes me at least 5 times every single day. He's always asking me out and asking for my #. I already had to change it once because he wouldn't stop texting and calling me. Well he's going thru this issue right now with a girl he possibly got pregnant, but there is another guy and it turns out that she has an std, but he didn't have one. Well my boyfriends friend is going thru the same thing also. He may have gotten a girl pregnant but there is possible other father. Well both girls have 4 kids already and they are both 4 months along and live in the same city. To to help my boyfriends friend out I text him asking the girls name. Found out it's not the same girl. Now he wont leave me alone... He's pissing me off. I ignore all his texts and his e-mails. So now he's using yahoo messenger and sending messages to my phone... GRRRR...

    I was so stupid to text him, but e-mail would have taken to long and both my boyfriends friend and I wanted to be sure if these were different women....

    I am so kicking myself. I might have to change my number again..... Oh this sucks.. Why the **** did I do something so stupid...

    Sorry, just had to vent...

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    ok i'm stupid

    You kind of like the attention

    You are curious

    You are naive



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      I wouldf block him.


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        first of all, just have his number blocked. Second of all, how long have you been with your boyfriend that he knocked up a girl 4 months ago. Run girl. You don't want a guy with baggage.
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          Block your number, and say buh bye to your boyfriend.


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            Oh my,the webs people weave! Sounds as if you are caught up in a web your self. Time to be" Miss Black Widow"and you had better do it soon. As mentioned earlier you should block him on messenger and invest in caller "ID" if you don't already have it;just because you have a phone dosen't mean you have to answer it! We are so conditioned to answer a phone it is crazy how we rush to answer a call! lol I would also be up-front and honest w/this fellow that although you wish him well you just don't have the time or the crdentials to be his therapist!As for your boy/friend,I cannot tell you what you should do or not do as that is up to you.I think you need a backbone girl and see things for what they are,not what others want you to see and believe,listen to your "GUTT"you already have the answers you are seeking.Good luck


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              Umm, I think some of you didn't read that quite right. It isn't Ragg's boyfriend who may have gotten some girl pregnant. It's her boyfriends friend.

              As for the nut case who won't quit calling; tell him point blank to leave you alone, no phone calls, no text messages, no e-mails. Nothing. Tell him one more contact of any kind and you'll press charges for stalking. Keep a log of everything, every contact of whatever kind. Then call the cops.


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                I've blocked his e-mails and I contacted my phone carrier to find out how to block his number. I can't stand this guy. I haven't written him back (besides asking that girls name) for I don't know how many months. I was hoping he would get the message but obviously not. When I first starting blocking his his e-mails, he sent me a message stating.... "Did I do something wrong?"... uh duh.... I just ignored it

                Oh it is my boyfriends friend.. Not my boyfriend that got the girl pregnant.

                I think I'll tell him that Helly. If he doesn't leave me alone I'll press stalking charges....


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                  Raggs I think your problem (I've worked with you so I kind of saw this in you) is you want to help everyone you come in contact with, solve their problems, help in any way you can. STOP DOING THAT!!!! Tell him to get lost, you're not interested. Do what Helly said, call the cops.

                  I'm glad Helly mentioned that the others on here didn't read you right the first time, it isn't your boyfriend but his friend.
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                    I stand corrected and sorry I miss read your post ,but am happy that it's not your boyfriend! lol I don't know if a charge of stalking would fly where you live,you would have to check w/law enforcement. At the very least a charge of harrassment is in order if he dosen't leave you alone.Good luck