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Helly homemade body scrub question for you.

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  • Helly homemade body scrub question for you.

    This is VERY off topic, but I have come to trust and respect your knowledge in so many different matters so I figured on asking you (and anyone else on the board who has any input of course!).

    I have been experimenting w/some homemade body scrubs after reading a post that you responded to. So far I have just used dark brown sugar w/olive oil and a little almond extract for scent. I absolutely loved it and will never spend a fortune on store bought exfoliants again. I am wanting to try some salt scrubs now though since my skin is not so dry w/the warmer weather and the sugar is making me a little too moisturized. What kind of salt do you think I should use? The large grain sea salts or something else? I also am thinking of mixing it w/avacado since that is so good for the skin. Would this need to be refrigerated or do you think the salt would keep it from spoiling. Also, should I still add some olive oil??? What about scents?? Any suggestions or other comments?? Thanks so much for any input!!!
    SheilaB from SC

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    Sea salt would be fine, but why go to the expense? The salt mostly acts as an abrasive. There's nothing magical about it. But keep in mind that the coarser the salt, the more abrasive it will be.

    Scrubs I have used in the past:

    Kosher salt mixed with avacado, a little olive oil, and a some vitamin E oil.

    Corn meal and mayonnaise. It's great for rough elbows, heels, knees. A little too harsh for faces, though.

    Crushed berries (strawberries are great), and olive oil. Add a bit of vanilla if you like, and a little lemon juice too keep it fresh longer. No need to add salt, the seeds will act as an exfolient.

    For scents, I'd go with green scents to mix with avacado; rosemary, chamomile, maybe bayberry and spruce. You can either add a couple of drops of essential oils, or put some rosemary sprigs and chamomile flowers in a jar, cover with warm olive oil, and let them sit for a couple of days.

    Citrus scents also work well with avacado. I like grapefruit, myself, but lime is nice, too. Again, put citrus peel in a jar with warm olive oil for a few days, until it develops the strength you like. You can also add a little citrus juice, lime or grapefruit, to the avacado when you mash it up. It'll keep it from turning brown.

    Any scrub you make with fruit should be refrigerated if you have any left that you want to keep for another day. I wouldn't keep it longer than a week.


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      Thanks so much!! I never even thought about using herbs for scents....I Love that idea since I don't care for perfumy smells.
      SheilaB from SC