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2 Maltese Dogs Today

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  • 2 Maltese Dogs Today

    I did two maltese today.The first ,they just wanted a bath and clean up face etc. wellll, he took a very long time even with les pooch de mat brush. Very long fur in the way. he just let me brush, but geesh. I knew I couldn't just put him in the tub and hope Tropiclean de-mat woud do the rest. Even after the bath (Griminator ans blueberry facial, de mat ) He still had lots of tangles. The second was a shave with a hope for him except his head and beard. I just want to say, Tropiclean de mat is NOT magic. Even Les Pooch brush-burned hocks a bit. I told them I put skin works (Coat Handler product)They are going to see how he holds up and call me to trim him down several inches if he starts to mat. He immediately rubbed himself all over the carpet and started playing with baldie, the other one. Real names are Gucci and Versache. They also have a pug-like dog who didn't get anything.The daughter wanted the one long but is in college or somewhere away from the dog, so no one brushes them no matter the intentions.The long one came out very silky and white. I rounded feet. Cleaned brows etc. Oh, and Spalavish cologne smells great.