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Over a week later and >>>>>

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  • Over a week later and >>>>>

    I bought a new scale today, and I have lost a whopping 2.4 pounds. It is probably water.I now wish I had invested in inches-a weigh for only $200. It is very near my house. Exercise machines you sit or lay on and they move you.! People going in, say it works and you loose inches and fat. Soon the pool in May. I am not hungry, in fact too much food to have time to eat. I prepare some in advance like chicken and many veggies cooked with garlic and spices. I Put it over brown rice for the starch required.I eat walnuts in the van for good fat and to reduce hunger. Drinking enough water is a problem. I just wish I could fit into my white crop pants with the palmn tree apliques on them. Maybe by Juyly4th.I thinbk it is too much food for me to burn.

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    hi,thats good i think it's better to loose weight slowly,i've lost 10#'s in 6 weeks by eating smaller portions and healthier food i also gave up red meats and substittute my protein with a protein drink every morning and drink lots of water and eat 2 to 3 apples a day they fill me up when i'm working and since i'm mobile it works out great i eat them when i'm driving around,also i wanted to let you know that my husband is doing great we went to san diego yesterday for a follow up appt. with his DR. and he said he already lost 30#'s in 10 days i'm starting to see a difference in his face and also when we walk he does'nt get tired that easy like before i just wish i could loose weight that easy without the surgery.


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      Over a week later......

      Good work, losing weight is tough. Up until about 3 yrs ago, i was a work out fiend. Did it for over 20 yrs. Now, i can't even get motivated to go for a walk. Tried Hypnosis, didn't seem to help, maybe it was her technique. I've seen in the paper a hypnosis clinic in Dallas, has anyone ever tried it? If so, does it work, how much did it cost. I had an appt made to go see them, but my hubby went to work with both sets of keys. (3rd time he's done it, ugh). Anyhow, if anyone has any thing to say about this clinic, would you let me know.


      I have to get this weight off before family reunion in July, they still see me as a toned person, hahhah been awhile since they've seen me............ :}


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        Actually, I lost a little over four lbs.

        I guess it was the water I drank because this morn I was down a little over four. I started on March 23rd. I could button my pants today with comfort.I actually eat a lot of veggies. I ate an entirestalk of asparasus tonite with broiled chicken breasts and earlier a big spinach salad. I am not strict about measuring veggies because I lost with WW and didn't measure veggies. My feeling is noone ever got fat in asparagus. I am trying to sip water as i am on here.I am going to start walikng around the block and to the nearby park with Halle. Keep walking. Glad you both are doing well.