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  • Dog Training (long)

    At work there's a chow or chow X who a woman found as a stray and has been paying to have him boarded for months and months now. He is said to be dog and cat aggressive and has bitten 4 techs already. According to my coworker he acts sweet and then will bite out of the blue, seemingly unprovoked.

    I don't know why they don't put him to sleep, I hate to say that because he's never shown aggression towards me (granted I haven't given him much of a chance lol) but living in a kennel for the rest of his life is no way to live. The woman who found him does a lot of rescue work with cats, and she is still hoping to find him a home.

    I've thought about taking him out around the hospital and working with him, do you guys have any suggestions, or is this out of my league? I just feel bad he runs back and forth and can't even get a blanket because he chews them up out of boredom.

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    That Is sad...

    Whenever a dog just got a bad start in life it is so sad.; too bad he can't go live with Cesar Milans' pack. After seeing his skills i know dogs can be rehabilitated but it takes a good trainer and money. If you really think this dog has potential, and he tugs at your, heart, why not make a few phone calls and talk to trainers...maybe one would check him out and take him on as a challange and learning experience. Or you might have to pay to save him, and change his life....if possible. Meantime I would stay clear of his teeth!!!Let us know his fate.Deep down he is a good dog, he just doesn't know, his true identity, or how to be one of the pack. He probably craves other dogs' companionship.Oh, I am feeling sad for him.


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      I may get slammed but here's my two cents...

      Why do people keep throwing money away on dogs that bite or are aggressive? I just don't understand it, go to any pound and put that same money on hundreds/thousands of very adoptable dogs that don't bite and are appreciative of the effort you are putting into it. All that money spent on boarding an aggressive dog is a waste of resources if you ask me but that's just my opinion.


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        I agree with you Boxer. There are so many good dogs that need a home. That dog can't be trusted. Even if you get it to the point that it does not bite and find it a home it could very quickly go back to it's old ways.
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          Don't get me wrong, I agree with you 100% if it were my dog I would put him down. That being said, she thinks he can find a home, and running back and forth in his kennel is no life for him, which is why I was asking if there is anything I can do to hopefully help him learn some manners.

          Mustluv, I like how you worded it, he seems like a sweetie deep down, I don't know what it is that ticks him off though.


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            If a dog just randomly bites people and his caretakers cannot determine what drives him to bite them, I'd say put the dog down. There's too much potential there for a serious bite, and months of solitary confinement isn't any kind of life for the dog. He sounds bored in his kennel situation, would probably benefit from having something to do outside his run, but how can you do that when you can barely trust him? It's sad but I'd put him down for safety reasons.


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              A trainer that we refer clients to will evaluate dogs for a rescue that one of our employees runs. I would think that one in your area would be willing to do an evaluation for free given the situation. If not, maybe you could suggest to the woman paying the bill that she have the dog evaluated before she continues boarding and a placement search. There was one dog that our employee placed two times, ideal homes, the last one the people took a week off of work to help the dog settle in. Right after that she attacked the husband. I really think bad starts and/or brain damage is tough to correct. I do feel bad for the dog to go on like that indefinitely.