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  • Home made dog food

    I've thought about this before, but in lieu of the pet food recall, I'm considering cooking human grade food for my pets. I'm not so sure about the whole raw thing, but if I cooked their food of course I would need to make sure it was nutritious for them. Of course there would also be a difference in what the cat gets vs. the dog.

    Though it only talks about doing it for dogs, I did come across this site: (which has a pink poodle on it I might add. lol)

    I'd appreciate any tips/links/etc.


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    I'm just bumping this up, I'm going to look for a book on the subject either tomorrow or thursday, any recommendations? Especially for cats, because I have had a harder time finding info for them online.

    One concern I have is the cost, but I've heard rumors of the higher end foods spiking their prices up after the recall started, so if I'm going to pay a lot, I might as well know exactly what they're getting.

    I don't want to get into the whole raw vs. cooked thing, I feel safer with cooked food, I just want to make sure they get the right nutrients.