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How Do You Charge more and Get It?

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  • How Do You Charge more and Get It?

    Today I actually went almost twice to the same client. My mistake. I was early the first time and had another dog first ,when I realized I was nearly at the 1:30 slot. It was 12:15. I called the correct first lady and got to her home in 23 minutes. I finished the dog and called the 1:30 lady because she is over 25 moiles away from where aI was.I will be near again next Wed. She didn't want to reschedule, so I went back. The dog is not a Lhasa type like she said, It resembles a larger Havenese. Thge lady had injured her right hand in car accident and cound not brus her dog. I understand that but the dogs' fur was very long, nearly 10 inches from part down the back and matted on rear, to bone on legs and throughout the coat. The head fur was so long you couldn't find the ear fur easily. I explained it needed to be (7Fshort) No, she wanted several inches and agreed to 1/,1/2 inch. I showed her the tangles. I said the first five minutes of de-matting are inclued, anything after that is an additional charge of five or more depending on time. He was not all that cooperative, but not biting. GH helped. I was anxious to brush out and leave some length , cuz I figureed he would be cute after the effort. I used the Wahl snap on lavender color blade. The longest just wasn't short enough. The fur got stuck in the CV hose it was sio long. Spa lavish and Tropiclean de-mat nd I used Les pooch tro brish out tangle-matted fur.He had the shorter snap on head visor look, and rounded trimmed beard still long. He also pooped in the tub. No biggy. he was ok with itb but said she would let it grow long again and brushes him regularly. I advised shoert for summer.He is curly and not that short. I charged a specific original fee, same as Paws & Azoci here on board(same area groomers) I reminded her of extra effort. She gave me five extra! I asked for ten to fifteen. Oh, before we walked back to the house she asked if I could ever do him for less? NOOooooo. I told her I came out of area today when Wed I would have another two dogs nearby. How do you get more for extra work once you see the dog? When I fdirst pointed out the mats she said maybe she should just fdorget today and brush him first. With her left hand? She didn't do all that well with the right before the accident. I wasn't about to go home after the long drive with 0 money. I never agreed to de-mat dfor free and told her it would take 15- 20 minutes extera and a fee. Claims she can't afford more. The home is in an upscale 55+ golfcourse and clubhouse, pool, tennis community that charges a fee monthly for all the amenities.I will not hear fro her for months while the fur gets long and awful again.I couldn't put a gun to her head, so I took the five tip, left a bit miffed.How do you just charge more when someone filled out the check for her and she signed it.?No other mobile will do it for less......I know most of them,it would be more.

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    You could, when you do your reminder call (if you do reminder calls), that based upon the last groom and the condition of the dog at the last groom that you estimate the cost of the next groom to be $XX and that you will not be able to come out for less. You can tell her that if she is unable to pay the charge (or does not want to, which seems to be the case), you can refer her to a shop, where the it will cost her less. If you then go to her home and she pulls the same stunt again, you could tell her that you are no longer able to groom her dog. The end.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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      Thanks Furybest Job

      Well put. It will be September before I hear from her, if ever. If not, she lives a bit far, and needs a Sat. I think. Oh Sept. is even too February is more like it! I will remember her for sure.The dog won't bite, she does have him trained and probably brushed him with the wrong brush.You know how people think they are doing a good jiob band aren't.