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Anyone looked at CERF site lately

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  • Anyone looked at CERF site lately

    I went to look at my dog's listing for fun & was shocked and saddened. While it has a little glimmer of positiveness.

    The website is, do an online search and notice the breeds available.

    I could not believe the amount of HYBRIDS listed...poogle, malti-chon, paperanian, sad. While I like the fact if they are breeding that at least testing is done, but it still makes me mildly sick to my stomach.

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    I am with you on the sick to the stomach thing...These breeds aren't just the regular mixed breeds anymore. It seems that nothing is off limits. I had never heard of most of those breeds before. I have a client who regularly brings in her Beacol and Chion, she said she purchased them from the same breeder. She said there were more than 20 different breeds available from just this one breeder. It's insane....SAD....And way too common!


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      It might be nice that testing is now available for mixed breeds, it doesn't mean very many of those dogs are being tested. I don't think the majority of puppy millers and back yard breeders really care.

      I spoke with a woman who is a BYB not to long ago, and asked her what testing she's done on her breeding stock. She didn't even know what CERF or BAER testing is, much less done any. She'd never heard of OFA, either. And now that she does know, she's still not bothering to do it. She doesn't see any reason to spend the money. She just doesn't care.