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    I went in for my official visit to be checked . I amreally kind of angry. What a sneaky thing they do. Now in order for the program to work and to guarantee that it will I am strongly advised to purchase 2yrs worth, doled out per week of soy snack bars. Get this, the price just to see me to end of desired goal is $861. More than the program! Wellll, I said no, my income varriws from week to week. No, payment plan w/same charge on my card. NO< NO< and what pert of no don't you understand.? I would have to change the program at no doubt, more money to exclude the bars and eat chicken as a protein substitute. Thgis is outrageous. I acted stupid, cuz they have my money and I need their help...can't make em mad. I ended up with one box for overpriced $28.00.instead of bulk for $13.00. I will get em as I need em or until they offer a better deal and I have the cash from a few tips saved up. Can you see us doing that? Well, the groom is ----, but if you pay for two yrs now you will save x amount on ea future groom every 4 weeks. Sure, they will go for that. You can just charge it, cash or check please......But if you can't pay in advance, the dog won't look as good or be as clean, I can't guarantee the groom.That is basically what they did to me!I don't believe I won't loose weight without those stupid 90 calorie snack bars.! I am sure I can matcxh ingredients at any health food store for less, or eat nuts for protein, heck eat a few soy beans even......Can ya believe it?Even IF I had 800 dollars to throw their way, I would not. I think it is a dishonest thing to lie and say thge diet is complete at one price, the the next week pull this sales pitch.It is off topic and not about grooming but my health etc involves how I can have stamina to groom.I am between a rock and a hard place with them. No eatie, no guarantee-e. NOT FAIR!If I get skinny I will not recommend them. I better get skinny!

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    That is sneaky, how long are you obligated (financially) to stick with them?

    If you have a little extra money, I had great sucess with nutrisystems, its $300/month for prepackaged breakfasts, lunches, dinners, 1 snack and 1 dessert per day. The thing I didn't like about it was you have to provide your own fruits, veggies, some protien and dairy. Other than that, it was a good plan and I lost weight steadily while on it. I actually had trouble eating everything they required! They had breakfast with a fruit, snack, another fruit, lunch with a fruit or veggie, dinner with two veggies and a salad if desired, then dessert later.

    My budget doesn't allow for $10+/day just for food, otherwise I would sign up again.

    Write the ingredients and nutrition info of their bars down on a post-it and take it to compare to other bars, you'll probably find one close enough. I'm not a big fan of health bars anyways, they're always so chewy with very little flavor. Yuck!


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      I am on the program. It works.. You just have to use some money wise.. They did the same thing to me.. Buy the bars in bulk and save money.. Well you don't have to buy them in bulk, you don't even have to buy them.. Try it without them. I haven't used them in 2 weeks, and when I do use them I just buy week by week. I don't even take the supplements like they want me too, and I am down almost 25 pounds. The one thing I didn't understand about the bars is that number one ingredient is High Fruitose Corn Syrup. LOL


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        That is why I hate those gimmicks, they don't tell you everything up front. I went to join Bally's health club years ago they were running a special you could join for free and pay $21 a month well I go to sign up and they tell me well that $21 is for only 3 days a week, Mon Wed and Fri for example. So it is not great well why don't you just get the unlimited membership program it is only $50 a month more and we will let you pay the membership fee of $200 out little by little. I am such a sucker. I stopped going to Bally's after I moved 2 months later, and to this day I still get a leter from them saying I owe them $2000 for the membership and fees because I signed a contract. GRRR
        Look up Micheal Thurmon program. You pay one time for the program directions and it works if you do it, if you don't it doesn't work. But what is neat is once you are on the program your metabolism is sped up naturally so if you slip and have a slice of gooey chocolate cake you will be ok. And it helps you to learn portion size just like those other programs. I think it is a good way to teach you haw to eat healthy for life.
        One of the biggest tips I learned was to shop the outside isles of the grocery store not the inside isles. So nothing from a can! Fresh fruit, meat, veggies.ETC


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          NorthernEnglish and Others

          I told the mgr I am allergic to the bars. She accepted it and said sub with fruit. That of course is not protein. The other gal said I would need it to be a protein. They can't even keep their lies straight. I talked to a lady in the parking lot hiolding a box of the bars. They made her buy all $861 of them and she is afraid to tel her husband. She said they said she HAD to get them. That should be against the law. We talked a while. We both agreed we could have ea paid eachother 100 and met at our homes, weighed in and given encouragement for waaaay lees money and BS. She also saw on tv that they arte being investigated. They sell crao, not really councelling . The so-caslled counsellor answered we need some sugar in our diets and the fructose gives you energy and bla bla BS totally untrue BS. NO BODY ever needs high fructose corn syrup!!!!!!It stimulates a chemical called Ghrelin that makes you want to eat more. Leptin keeps you full. They don't know what Dr. Oz and Dr.Roizen know. It is impossible to have confidence in a co that sells aspertame (SO bad for the brain and nervous system.& Corn syrup)I will write the foods I eat, but do it the Drs' way. I am going to bed. early dogs tomorrow.I know this is off topic, but hopefully ok here. I thinksound Nutrition is important to be good at anything, whether grooming or whatever.You gals who drink Diet Coke etc. think twice about it.Hershey chocolate syrup is corn syrup,with cocoa in it.If you want to last a long time as a groomer, you have to put the right food in the groom machine.


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            Dr. Berstine Diets

            This is a the medically supervised diet where you cant really eat anything but take all the vitamins you can I did this back in 2001 and it works. First you are told to fast for a day and then you begin with B vitamin injections in your problem area. You are limited to 800 cals per day but hey it only took 6 months to lose over 100 pound without having to workout. If your in Canada then this is a great diet. I dont know if it is in the US.
            BTW I am still about the same size when I reached my goal give or take ten pound.


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              Speaking of losing weight. I saw Courtney Love today on ET and she has lost 45lbs. She said that she eats lots of fish and vegetables and does tons of yoga. I have never seen her look so thin, she looks totally different.