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Location of lymph nodes on dogs?

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  • Location of lymph nodes on dogs?

    Can anyone describe, or better yet provide a link w/ pics of the locations of lymph nodes in dogs?

    I just noticed a lump on my beagle and I'm going to be worried sick until I can take her in tomorrow. She's only 2-4 years old! I'm hoping it is just a swollen lymph nodes, I know when I get sick mine in my neck swell up. I don't think I could handle it if she had cancer, I just lost my other beagle.

    The lump I found is located on her side above the tuck up skin flap but below the spine.

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    I know two places for lymph nodes in people on your neck under where your jaw curves and in the armpits The dogs have some in these spots also. Near the spine and tuck up though I'm not sure. Dogs have lumps for several reasons so don't get too upset before you go.

    The shepard I had was loaded with fattly tumors and little cysts in the areas that you are explaining and /or have had lumps like that develop on my dog after some sort of trauma/bruising.

    Try to Keep positive until you go tomorrow.


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      Don't freak out too much. I know you already know beagles since you have them but from what I've heard beagles as a breed are very prone to lumps and bumps, shall we say,lol. Did Lily have growths? Because I know my older beagle (12 yrs) has quite a few all which the vet has checked out and said thought they were ok. My younger beagle (3 yrs) has two growths that I know of. (Mine aren't the most well bred dogs which I know will contribute though). Anyway, long story short, don't freak out! Talk to your vet and see what they have to say. Oh yeah, the vet had told my mom when they were looking at Biscuits growths that you can get a good idea by feeling them. If they are movable and soft probably nothing to worry about, but harder and attached may be a problem. Good luck! I'm sure she'll be fine!
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        Rapuzzled, Lily had sooooo many growths, from hard bb sized ones all the way up to squishy ballon types. lol She had at least 3 or 4 surgeries in the time we had her to remove a lot of them. Thats one thing that has kept me from freaking out because I remember rushing Lily to the vet and it always came back benign.(sp?)

        I don't think Mollie was very well bred, she already has a few issues, sensitive skin, allergic to beef, etc.

        I guess part of what has me worried is her age, Lily was already an old lady when we adopted her, but Mollie isn't old at all.

        The bump is sort of in between, it feels attached but can be wiggled, it isn't squishy but also isn't hard.


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          I know of two spots they have some kind of glands under their jaw and on their thigh in the back behind the knee. I think their are more.


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            Oh, ok I see what you mean. Two is awful young. But we got Penny at three years old, and she had at least one bump, so I guess you just never know.
            Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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              Good news! The vet said it looks like a cyst formed as a reaction to her vaccines and it should go away on its own within a few months. What a relief!!


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                Good! I'm so glad to hear that!
                Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                  Glad to hear it's nothing more serious than a vaccine reaction.

                  The lymphatic system in dogs is pretty similar to a human's. There are lymph nodes located throughout the body. Common ones that you notice are swollen when there's an infection being dealt with are the neck, the axilary region (arm pits) and the groin. But there are lots more, all over the body.


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                    Kippin one of my past Schnauzers...

                    She had lymphoma, felt inher neck as a pair, later big like golf balls. Also when she layed on her back, the croin. When her legs were spread, you could feel little pea size balls, then bigger, but never like her neck. She was my Lisas' Baby. I have #8,9 and halle is tenth mini Schnauzer I have had.Wait, It was Missy...she also had lymphoma...we didn't know about Kippin until the day she died from it.She blew up first, momn rushed to vet then called me at work.I had her from first day of life.8yrs, I think.


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                      Glad you got good news about your Beagle. My cocker, Pattie, had lymphoma. The nodes in her neck were the first to swell up. I lost her 2 mos later. She had been bred at the time of diagnoses, and I saved 1 of 2 puppies who became my parents' last cocker. Rowdy lived to be 12, poor Pattie was only 4 when she died. Was told that lymph nodes are everywhere there are blood vessels. Probably the ones closest to the skin on the outside are the ones we find first.
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