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I'm changing dog food

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  • I'm changing dog food

    The last dog food that I srtill have a lot of is from Costco lamb and rice. I regret to say, I never read the ingredients beyond that.I will look up Natura on google. I groomed little halle yesterday and now her skin is dry and flaky too, and she is not two until May. They need omega 3s and good quality protein etc. I also like delivery, except it will cook even in the shade at the door in the summer. I hope that won't effect the oils. No more dry Nutro max or Costco after the mixing adjustment is finished.

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    If your guys do OK with beef, I recommend natures variety raw instinct. My beagle's coat was GLOWING when she was on there, unfortunately for whatever reason beef makes her stomach sensitive to coccidea, she got it twice while on food with beef but never since then even when my cat had it.