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Lazy Dog Walkers Beware!

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  • Lazy Dog Walkers Beware!

    I groom a pair of cute dogs for a high profile private investigator/lawyer husband-wife team every week. The wife (PI) loves chit-chatting with me and divulged something quite interesting. They had hired a dog walker since they obviously work late nights, but were still coming home and finding accidents and stressed out dogs. So, considering her line of work, she decided to follow her dog walker. He was leashing them then walking to the corner one block away and sitting on the curb for up to an hour! The dogs got no exercise and were even more stressed after having to sit outside on a leash for such a long time. They are now suing him for all past payments they have made to him since he obviously wasn't rendering service as promised.
    I was speechless and can't believe the lack of ethics out there today!

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    WOW...that is sad.

    I would never make a good dog walker. If another dog came along and attacked, what would I do with all those dogs with me?

    I'd be pretty ticked off, don't know if I'd sue or not, but I'd be pretty mad.

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      Ok, I know who your client is...

      Nick and Nora Charles and their dog Asta, and the other dog is the one that is the double......


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        ROFLMAO - Duh - he should of known better trying to get away with that knowing the couple he was working for. Couldn't have been the brightest bulb in the box. I don't know about suing the person either, but there's a lawyer's thinking for you and the nature of our society today.

        Every one is so quick to sue everyone else it's scary. I think I would have just video taped him, confronted him and tried to embarass him and sent him on his lazy way.


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          How dumb is it to try something like that on a private investigator/lawyer client?


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            i've heard of people setting up cameras (not sure this is legal everywhere), and recording their dog walker's visits where the dog went out for 2 minutes when the walker was paid for a 1 hour walk! what is wrong with people???


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              My Mom Was A Pet Sitter

              Way back in Calif more than 7 yrs, ago, my mom and I did pet sitting,along with my grooming,before i had a van. One client said she had another pet sitter for Mobey Dog, a cute Samoyed. The sitter left a big bowl of food for him and the water was empty. The dog was found sitting in the car in the garage. No water. Being a Samoyed, he had left white fur all over the fabric velour type seats. He also got somethng of value that was hung on the wall and destroyed it. She said her car was Mobieized with fur, like carmelizing. This sittier skipped visits and doubled up on food and water with several others the clients told me . Mobys' parents came home a day or two early, and that is how they knew.


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                A client of ours had a similiar experience. She was home sick and in bed one day and the walker pulled in her driveway. She was going to get up to greet her but then decided to just stay in bed. A minute later the walker leaves, comes back a few minutes later, moves the leashes to make it "look" like they had been walked and left. Dogs NEVER were even let out. She had to change her locks and then fire the person.


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                  A friend of mine used a dog walker and they lost her dog the poor poodle was lost for 3 days thank god someone found it, still dragging her leash. Apparently this dog walker let all of the dogs run loose with him in the park OFF LEAD! and he said they all usually stayed with him and this has never happened before. Hello these are not your dogs to risk loosing. What a moron.