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we're back from my hubby's surgery

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  • we're back from my hubby's surgery

    we just got back today from san diego,everything went great with surgery and recovery he already lost 12#'s in 5 days,well i'm so glad it went okay and thank you for your thoughts (you know who you are)anyways a day before the surgery we went to find a restaurant and a patient that was in my husband's class for pre-op told him to go drive by fifth and i liked it there i seen a lot of people with dogs i even went into a little market and there was a guy shopping with his dog and it was a big dog too, i asked the cashier if they let dogs go in most of the businesses he said only some, that it depends on the owner of the place and the time of day and so on anyways just wanted to let you all know that my husband is fine and i'm ready to hit the road tomorrow and start working i'll be very busy this week! hope he does okay without me.and for those of you who live or know the san diego area he was in scripps mercy hospital in san diego and i loved that place.

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    Glad everything went well. Speedy recovery to your husband.


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      So glad, things went well.

      While you were gone, i signed up with LA program to loose weight. I have to do it this way.I so want to wear some clothes that are in my closet waiting to go out for the day.Nov is my goal.I have been waiting to hear from you.


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        Hi Nunguis, sorry but I didn't see the other thread about your hubby's surgery. Glad everything went okay though. I take it since you mentioned weight loss that this was a gastric surgery??? If it was, those are biggies!!! I didn't realize what all was involved until speaking w/a client of mine who had it done. She did very well also and lost over 200lbs!!! Hope everything continues to go okay!!! Let us know!! Have fun at work on your first day back. YIKES those first days are NO FUN...hehe
        SheilaB from SC


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          I'm so glad that everything went well! Throwing some good wishes your husbands way for a speedy recovery!
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            Good to hear

            Many blessings ahead. I have a friend who's stepdaughter had that and chose to have a baby. Beautiful baby, beautiful girl and all is well. I know a few others who've had such surgery and so glad they did.
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