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  • I Signed Up For A Diet Program

    I signed up today...a special price , can I say LA ....? You loosers in a good way, can hold me accountable. I know I will get support here from the successful dieters and others. I think this is the best way to spend my money. I should reach my goal by my Birthday before 12-7. When my frienmd comes to visit in Sept, I won'ty be fat. Yes, I was cute and slendertil menopause and diets thatended up putting more on. I need energy and will fgeel better. Since posting older photos, i miss that look and want to try to be an older version of a slender person.

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    hey I was thinkn about joining them too!! Last time I joined them I was workingout at the gym 5 times a week. I was starving to death and getn sleepy half way through my workout!! they still would not increase my food amounts! I quit using that diet and switched to Atkins and lost an additional 25lbs! and that was not cheap either...all those steaks and spareribs and salads...hmm makin me hungry again!! the atkins works great and you don't have to pay to go on it! let me know how l a is working again. I've heard they have new programs!


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      Good for You!!

      What's the jist of this one?
      Do they have prepared meals? Or recommended recipes?
      Group or one on one counseling?

      I tried WW years ago & did ok but fell off never to return..
      I do my best without fail when I exercise everyday. Yes everyday.
      Once in the groove I can tell if I skip a day.

      You can do it!
      PM me if you need help & I'll try to lend support.


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        Good luck on the diet. I would be interseted on to know how you make out and what you think about the plan after you'r on it for awhile. Keep us posting on the weight lose.


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          It is The commercial on tv LA --------

          You first cleanse two days with their juice and ALL the fruits veggiers and protein you want and LOTs of water.Their vits or mine. I like mine. You buy your own food. They have bars and snackie stuff w/ soy. I don't do well w/ soy. It is a life-stlye change. Half the cost of my client Lisa, who lost 30lbs @ twice the cost of mine. I just have to get this right!.I threw out bad stuff and got Lamb chops and frozen skinless chicken breasts....fruit platter cut up and veggies. eggs. I have to read it over tonite. # vcisits na week, but near my doctor about 4 miles away and near a grocery store in the shopping mall. My old pics inspire me to a rtealistic goal.Thw before and afters are great...I want to be the after too.I'm telling ya'lll so yiou can keep me on target. Hungry? I will just come here uinstead of eating after dinner.


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            Well done for being brave enough, and committed to losing weight. You know what... Im gonna join ya! OK so im in the UK, I will still keep an eye on your posts and try to encourage you as much as I can. I know you can do this! Go Girl!!!


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              Good for you Mustlovdogs1!

              You can do it! I believe any "diet" can work as long as you stick to it long enough and then learn to eat on your own to maintain. Let us know your progress. This is exciting!! You will feel great in the long run and especially when your friend visits. Yeah for you for making the decision!!!


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                That is awesome. I hope you have the persistence and will power to keep up, don't give up we will all be supporting you. I hear they are a great program.
                I dieted a few years ago and I found a good program that works for me. But it isn't the easiest, but it is very successful. It is the Micheal Thurman 6 week total body make over. He was the guy that helped the Extreme Makover show. Well my Mother Inlaw got the program and I copied it. Basically his theory is that dieting doesn't work for most people because you are hungry a lot, well when you are hungry your body says" I don't know if we are ever gonna eat again so I will save this fat and store it in case we need it later. Even if you are eating very few calories, your body won't metabolize those calories very well. They store them as fat. Well when you eat the foods he reccomends 6 times a day it re-trains your body to say "oh we are getting plenty of food so we can burn those calories up." So the diet alone increases your metabolism. I tried it and it worked I lost 15 pounds and I wish I would have stayed on it. I had to cook big meals so I could put servings in storage containers for the week. So my typical day went like this.

                8am Plain cherrios, applesauce, slice of low sodium turkey.
                10 am snack- bananna (you can only eat apples or bannans) they have less sugar and orange juice is bad too tons of sugar.
                12 lunch, small chicken breast, small sweet potato. salad
                3 pm snack carrot sticks
                6 pm dinner grilled fish, rice, salad.
                8 pm apple if you want.

                You have to cut sugar, sodium, dairy, fat. I bought a lot of MRS. Dash, Splenda, I put soy milk in my coffee. It wasn't a bad diet, and it tasted good, and I was never hungry. I just brought my bag of food to work every day it worked unless you one of those groomers who never stops lol! If any one wants more info email me.


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                  Michael thruman

                  I bought his, I found it confusing and difficult. I sent it back late, but did get most of the money back. It did NOT work for me. I like this one on one 3 times a appt necessary, just pop in for half hr. I am going potty alot today; a bit inconvenient. I think my ankles will get back to normal very soon.They are up on a stool, with a pil low , now under the table.I don't think it will be all that hard to stay on.2 days all the protein and raw veggies I want & fruit and lots *oz water.I already feel thinner. I am gonna think thin. Every 4th of july my church has a huge free fireworks display. Even t-shirts to advertise. I get the EXL and wear them around the house and to sleep in. This year I am gonna be that thinner person. I think about how up one4th and down the next, but never thin. This year and from now on will be different. Perfect timing.My icon isn't bowing...she is touching her toes exercising!!!