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Can Someone Help Me Shrinl My Pics?

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  • Can Someone Help Me Shrinl My Pics?

    I have Been to Picasa, Gmail Photobucket and others. The filke says 640-480, but when I try to post pictures it says too big. This is very frusterating and time conuming. They look small on nail, but I can't be sure. What do you suggest. Shrink photo worked the first time.I even get big slide shows on my computer, but don't know how to have you see it.Auuuugh!

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    photobucket shrinking

    I use photobucket. All I do is click on Edit over the picture. That picture will enlarge. Over the picture there is the word resize. I click on that and then choose the one labeled website/email. It then resizes it a size that is acceptable. Hope this helps.
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      Try This is what I have used and found it very easy to do.