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  • Little Dog Lost

    This AM, I got a phone call-was still in bed-from one of my clients who lives about 1/2 block away. She was walking her 2 Border Collies, when she came across a lost little dog who followed her home. Poor little guy-a Pom, recently shaved with 4 or 5 including tail! He was wearing a sweater. No one in the area knew this dog, and he's not one of mine. They brought the dog by this afternoon for me to see him. They're leaving tomorrow morning on a trip, so I offered to keep him and try to find his owner. The alternative is for for him to go to animal control. NO WAY! I did call the local radio station who does lost pet announcements, so hopefully won't be having this cutie for too long. Will make a few more calls tomorrow. Too bad the groomers aren't open til Tues.

    Guess I'll have a 'boarder' for awhile!
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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    Can you take a photo and hang up a sign? Or better yet, no photo, in case someone decides to pretend they're the owner, but a sign saying call and identify the dog, etc etc... Someone must like the dog, they put a sweater on it's nekked little behind!

    Tammy in Utah
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      Awww he sounds like such a cutey. Maybe try petfinder, I've seen them post lost dogs. I'd leave his sweater off for pictures and make the owner describe it.


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        I had heard something scary

        A lady I know found a little dog. She took it to her Vet to see if it had a chip. It did but because of privacy issues that Vet or a couple she called would not relay the chip information. She had to take the dog to the shelter turning it in (they wouldn't give her the chip information either). She had put flyers out locally, and the owner called. Owner was 2 blocks away. The owner had to go to the shelter, pick up her baby after having it exposed to the possible diseases at the shelter, pay about 100 bucks to get her little dog.

        I decided I must get collars with my phone number on all my dogs, even though I have chips in them.

        Anyway all that as a warning, but did you see if the Pom has chip. Then also you call local groomers and see if they did a Pom recently with a # 4 or like that?

        Yes, I agree try putting out a few flyers with small dog found for them to identify, plus local paper ad, they are usually free for lost and found.

        Kind of you to take the little dog in.
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          During a storm one night, I walked into my mothers laundry room and found a Lhasa. She was nasty and ragged and wet and cold. She was matted so I took her to the shop. She didnt have a collar, but she felt so familiar. I took her down with a 3F because of how matted she was. Afterward, she was cute, she had extra long eyelashes and looked so girly. Took her to my mothers place for her to sleep, put a bandana on her with my business card stapled to it. The next afternoon when the storm was over my mother opened the door to let all the dogs potty and the little lhasa flipped out and ran out at full speed! We dont see the dog again.

          A month later, a man walks in with two lhasas. The female lhasa looks up at me and its her! I told him the story and he tells me that during the storm, someone STOLE her! And brought her back the next day, and he knew something was different about her. I know hes an old man so I didnt tell him that I thought she ran away. Sure enough, we have a storm the next week. I go to my laundry room, shes sitting there. I call him up... she must have gotten away from the man that stole her.... again.


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            Little Dog Found!!

            Got the little guy here this AM. What a CUTIE! Not a pro groom (feet/nails not done, etc. Took him in to vets to scan for chip-nothing. Had already made a few phone calls, but no one knew of him. When I got back home, I tried the Humane Society, altho here, Animal Control takes care of lost pets. As luck would have it, someone had called not 10mins prior and it was a perfect description! I called the lady, and made her describe the swearter. It was her dog, and she came over right away!! She had several poms, and had only gotten this guy a few weeks ago from her neighbor (domestic problems). Said she hadn't had a chance to get him chipped yet, or, hopefully, neutered. Someone had left the gate open Sat night, and Scrappy had escaped. He must have traveled at least 2mi. Not bad for a 7# dog! Lucky dog!! So glad this story has a happy ending!! Scrappy is happy, his owners are happy, and I am happy!
            Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

            Groom on!!!