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  • A Thought Came To Me Today

    I would like to see recent photos of all members on the member page or anew topic, member photo gallery of the members. Of course, people would have to step up and send a photo. I would like to put faces to the friends I vist with each day,as I picture them working as I read their experiences. I am guilty, I want my blonde hair to grow out first. It is a weird orangy-blonde with med brown few inches of roots growing out. I am not ready. Unless I can get the digital pic Malissa took in Jan-Feb. It is probably erased by now.It was a nice pic.I also like to see everyones' dogs.SMILE for the camera. What do you think about my idea? Kind of like a year book.

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    I think its a good idea. I dont know how to post a photo up though. My profile has a recent picture of me and my 6 yr old son.


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      Sounds like a great idea, but I need to loose some weight (a lot) before I take any photos of myself.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."