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Minkyboodle Where Are You?

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  • Minkyboodle Where Are You?

    How are you Minkyboodle? Haven't seen you around lately. Come join us.

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    Hehe, I'm still around, mostly lurking since I haven't had alot of time recently to post much. Been feeling really really tired all the time again and I'm not sure why, so when I come home, I scan through the posts before I crash for the night.

    Thanks for thinking of me. Makes me feel special.


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      Could you be anemic? Take Vitamins?

      Just be sure it isn't anemia or thyroid. Maybe jst good ol' hard work. I started my first dog at 10am and did 5. all small. The last was a first haircut on a Havenese pup...very hyper, bitey, and spirited. I grabbed her loose skin and held her up off table. She eventually got better. Gh helps but not for other side of dog. I seem to hook and unhook to trim belly, and different tasks.Five dogs and travel time took my whole day. I then did take out at Olive Garden. Sorry to say, better food than Irish...... Italian is my Favorite.Take care.Don't laugh or be offended but when I see my toilet brush, I think of your avatar picture. Tail looks like the brush. Ok I'm weird.