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One more blast of winter!

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  • One more blast of winter!

    On Wednesday it was almost 70 here in CT. Today....Nor'Eastern. I've already been out shoveling the driveway and we have about 3 inches already. I don't have to worry about rescheduling because I've been without my van all week. I know, Mary, that you're off today, and Holly, I think you must be too. How about you other mobiles in the Northeast? Is today a holiday for you too? I can't believe how hard its snowing right now. My husband's band is suppose to play tonight. I sure do hope they cancel. My mother is visiting, too. I was suppose to bring her home today, but that's now delayed. I decided to make the corned beef cabbage today so my hubby will have a nice warm comfort food when he gets home tonight.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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    I'm not mobile, but we are getting the snow here too. I did have only 1 customer cancel today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.... I hate the snow but a day off is nice once in while!


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      snow here too. got 2 in before the sleet turned to snow. but i think you are going to get it in feet not inches, aren't you?


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        Half day here I had 3 canc. and got the later ones in early so I've been home "spring" cleaning, lol. I sure was loving that 70 degree weather on Wed. I was ready for spring. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day off. 3 cancelled for tomorrow so if nothing else, I get to sleep in an extra hour And I need it! lol.


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          When I saw the snow I called my customers and moved them to tomorrow. Then I took a shower, put on a clean pair of PJ's and spent the day cooking up a storm (which is something I rarely do).


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            It was in the upper 70's/low 80's here in SC for the past few days. A cold front has moved through and it is colder out now than it was this morning....supposed to be at freezing tonight and tomorrow night. I know this is nothing for your northern people, but this is darn cold for us southern bells.....hehe.....and don't even get me started on how this weather is making my bones ache.....blah getting old
            SheilaB from SC


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              Gross - Glad I'm not working today

              Woke up at 6:00 am (that's like noon for me) The doggie needed to go out right away, so I let him out the door and watched him try to struggle through the 5-6 inches of frozen crunchy snow his poor little feet.

              Spring where are you. It is only 25 Degrees.

              Then were back out at 7:00 am to feed and check on the feral cats to make sure their not snowed into their houses . Shovel out the car so the dog can play with snowballs at the same time. It's the only way to tire him out so he won't be a pest all day.

              Then here's a couple of my neighbors trying to move 6+ inches of plowed and balled up frozen snow banks from in front of thier cars with ice scrapers and dust pans. We live in New England yet so many don't buy shovels. I know were in an apartment complex but you still gotta shovel your own car out so helped them shovel out.

              It would be really cool if we could post little vidoes on here like the photo attachments cause sonny is such a maniac chasing snow around. Like his prey drive kicks in or something.


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                its snowing here in vermont all my clients called me to reschedule there appts I usually work 6 days a week looks like I have a extra day off


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                  I had a few dogs yesterday in the snow/sleet/rain but I didn't cancel the appointments. They were new dogs, so I was hesitant about re-scheduling just because of a little snow. It wasn't bad at all in the morning....but by 5pm it was a mess. Saw a lot of accidents too yesterday. People can't drive in bad weather of anykind around here. They think they can't get hurt in a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the snow...hahaha. And they never give themselves enough room between themselves and other vehicles...maybe they deserved the reminder to back off.


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                    I didn't get a break from our 4 inches of sleet and snow. I worked 9:30-6:30 or 7 from Thursday to Saturday. About 8 or 9 groom dogs each day between the grooming appts and kennel dogs going home. No bathing help till today. Even with someone bathing and blowing out most of my dogs today, I still didn't finish till 7 cuz 3 of the 4 grooming dogs still showed up. I should have told the owner when he called the groomer didn't show up. I'm soooooo glad tomorrow's Sunday.