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    I'm rubbibg my eyes out of my sockets!Allergie pills put me in lala land. Do you groomers have a solution for the itchy eye running nose syndome? Hard to groom with a itchy, furry nose....SPRING is HERE pollen and those wonderful smelling orange blossoms....Love the smell, hate tro reaction to my eyes and nose.Now my down button gets stuck aug.

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    What works best for me is Alka Seltzer Plus...but I only use half a dose. Keeps the itching and watering to a minimum without knocking me out. I've tried the allergy pills that are non-drowsy, but for me they're also non-worky.


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      I know it sounds silly, but drink a lot of water. Now that I’m pregnant, I can’t take allergy or sinus pills. One thing that I’ve been told and what I’ve read is drinking a lot of water aids in keeping the mucus inside of the nasal passages thinned, which in turn aids in the ease of breathing. I suffer from allergies fairly bad during the spring, so I have a feeling drinking tons of water won’t help, but it can’t hurt either. If you suffer like I do, hopefully you’ll find something that provides relief without knocking you out. I guess I’ve been lucky, b/c most over the counter products seem to work for me without making me groggy. One I like in particular was the Claritan D. They keep it behind the counter now, but I’ve always gotten relief when I’ve used it.


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        Hi Blood Pressure

        My sistolic (top) number gets high and I retain water with many otc pills.I have to read the Clairitin boxfirst. The melt-in -your-mouth Allergie tabs help a bit. or not.It is not always a problem, but is this year. 93 degrees tomorrow...very early. If it does not cool some, we are in for a cvery hot summer. Global warming is here.


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          I have been using

          Nasonex. Doctor prescribed, a teensy bit of steroid. I know the fears etc. I believe it is only bad for an already there condition, not the creator of the problems. OTC drugs raised my blood pressure very high. I used to have a tissue over my nose most of the day. Not anymore. It did take over a week to really work in the beginning, almost worse the first couple of days. Then if my eyes itch, Visine works wonders. I'm so pleased.
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