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I need help/someone who uses photobucket

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  • I need help/someone who uses photobucket

    I signed up with photobucket, but have no idea how to dend the uploaded pics. I alaso lost my home page and google bar where I just clicked and got my listed from history. Now I have lost all that. I emailed them but hope you can tell me for future photos. I never owned a computer before Jan 11,07. So it is still hard and especially some computer terms. For every phot you list, doesn't it have a specific id? to identify your pics? Mostly, I want my previous Google bar back so I can get here easily. I paniced when I thought I would never get back here. Off today...never got to cleaning up, cuz I've been stuck trrying to fix this.I want to go see The Queen and come back with help from someone here....Please?

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    I use photobucket, but I don't understand your question. Do you need help uploading pics?


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      I changed my avatar for practice,

      I changed my avatar for practice, so I think I am kinda getting it when I play around with it. I also got my old google bar back thru tools and messed til I got it back. I hate when every company wants to be the home page. I still don't have cox provider home page back. When I call them they will direcr me thru. No lunch or dinner as of yet. Still a diet aid. It takes so long to get stuff fixed. Thanks for trying.