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Don't Bite The hand That feeds You!

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  • Don't Bite The hand That feeds You!

    MyJax doesn't listen to that old saying cuz even if he bites, he knows I will still feed him. Today at 1:15 Jax bit me badly. My own dog! Halle isn't a fast eater and I left her bowl on the floor. Jax and Traveler run to see what she left. I went to take the bowl from Jax and he nailed me in my right hand the part between my and first finger. An upside down T just like that but bigger. It bled from 1:15 To after 3PM. I used alcohol first then a neighbors' neosporin. Then while waiting for doc to call....answering said gone for the day, really only lunch. I caslled Banner Hosp answers questions by a nurse. Scrubbed w/ anti-bacterial soap 5 mins. apply pressure. Well, I got Doc call and ran over to the office. Now on 2 anti-biotics $113.oo can't take penicillin.That is w/ Doctors' fee with no Insurance. But hey, I want to keep my hand!!. The little jerk looks at me as if to say whaaaat? I did't do nuttin bad.Boy does it throb! But I can type and still write client apps. I will tyry two Schnauzers tomorrow. One is new and Madeline will probably be her fairwell groom. Ironic I have a ne GH and MY dog goes and bite me in the KITCHEN! Not even a groom!The nurse was going to use peroxide, I remembered Helly saying no, and so I said NO!! Not peroxide it forces bacteria into wound.

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    Ouch!! Hope you're feeling better. Are you going to be able to work with the bite where it is?
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      I'm Gonna Try To Work.

      It is swollen, but does not effect my fingers,as you can see. I type with my nails. My right hand is always fatter. It has a pad on it with neosporin and that stretchey stick to itself wrap. You know the kind...colors for dogs. Nurse sneaked me extra.I think I will keep it on thru tomorrow,because I can't wrap my own hand that well. I can use a plastic glove for the hydro-surge. The doc is not good at communicatiuon. I asked if it was ok to work., He just said yes. He didn't say, keep it dry, or covered or anything. He didn't even ask when my last tentenus was. I know within the past 6 yrs. I have been there with other bites too. Not my dog then. He did say he has to report it by law. I will have to give proof of hi last rabies.June 27,2005. They were boarded when I went to Grand Canyon.I did learn that IF it were not my dog, the dog in question better have proof of rabies! Not they it would have rabies...but with no get painful treatment. Maybe Jax did me a favor...sort of....the little so-n-so!!! I will never take a bowl or any food away from him ever again. I am glad it wasn't Halles' nose!Every dog must show ME proof now. My bandaged hand should convince anyone it is necessary.


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        Gosh, your own dog! I hope that you're feeling better, and good luck with work. Don't push yourself too hard!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          I am almost totally healed from Jaxs' bite

          I am temporarily out of love with Jax. My hand is almost back to normal. It is still tender under index finger. Hurts a tiny bit when holding the dryer hose.I know it heals from the inside out. It is scabbed over and barely visible on the outside..not all healed on the inside. Ihave been able to work. Actually good money this week. I am NEVER going to take any food away from him again. Let him burst at the seams!He has no clue I am mad at him...he just reacted. I used to be able to pick up the bowl and move it anywhere all these years. He is now a nasty ol' boy.Cesar....where are you? Dog whisperer.I tried making him sit before putting the bowl of HIS food down...he doesn't understand...and backs away. Traveler is easy-going but bit me once over a tangle I pulled on,too hard, I would not have done with a client dog. I expect more of my own dog children...Is manners asking too much?