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Going Back To New Jersey

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  • Going Back To New Jersey

    Well gang haven't been on in a while but this move to PA has been a mess. I have just gone through a bad breakup and will be moving back to NJ this weekend.

    I can't believe I have to sell my Truck after all this. I am so depressed and yet can't wait to get back to NJ. I am going to stay with a friend and hopefully my 2 doggies will get along with her dog. (at least they are all girls) LOLOLOL.

    Now I have to find a job and sell the truck. needless to say I am dealing with not having the surgery I needed either since she cancelled my health insurance. I am a mess guys and really could use some encouragement right now.

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    So sorry to hear your troubles Amy...I hope your move back to NJ goes well and you'll get settled in without alot of added stress. You've come to the right place for encouragement....Hang in there girl. Things will get better, keep us posted on how things are going for you. My thoughts are with you!


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      That's such a terrible shame! Do you really have to sell the truck?? Can't ya do the same business in Jersey?

      Maybe you can get some uncompensated care for your surgery.

      I wish you all the best and I really hope things work out for you!


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        So sorry to hear about your troubles. But heck, NJ isn't such a bad place to live. lol My sister lives there and I'll be visiting her in a couple of weeks.

        Do you really need to sell your truck, can't you still use it in Jersey?

        Hang in there things will start to look up you'll find a good job and won't even think about Pa. again.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          I'm so sorry Amy! So much to happen at once! Such a shame that you have to sell your truck! I'll know that you will pull through. Good luck on your move back to NJ!
          Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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            Hey Amy----just hold on tight and remember that there is a reason in life for everything! Take one step at a time.


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              Heart Broken

              I have to sell the truck because it is in both our names and I can't afford to do a transfer of equity right now. She says she doesn't trust that I will continue to make the payments its a catch 22 situation here since I feel like if I leave the truck here who is to guarentee that she will make the payments? at least if it is with me in NJ then I can try and make money so the payments can be made. It breaks my heart that I will have to sell it but hopefully my guardian angels are looking down on me and will show me the way.

              I am excited to go back to NJ I have lived there for 42 years and it is my comfort zone and easy to get back into the groove there.

              I can't thank you guys enough for being here for me and sending me lots of love and encouragement!

              Thank you none of you know how much it really means especially while I am feeling so defeated right now. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!