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I saw a cute combo dog today

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  • I saw a cute combo dog today

    Today on my corner, I saw a poodle/bedlington mix. He neede a good brushing.He was lite grey and his back and rear and tuck up looked Bedlington, poodle face. He was having fun with his boy, and the other kids.I did't see the parents and didn't give out my card. I think he would be fun to groom. Maybe I will see him again with the adults.I only groom small dogs, but I would make an exception for this one.

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    Bedlingons aren't a large dog are they? Aren't they about the size of a min. poodle? What is your size limit? When you say small are you saying nothing over a toy size?
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      I saw an Afghan/Shep mix. Weird combo.
      Also a rottie/corgie. Looked like a Corgi sized rottie with thicker fur. ADORABLE!
      Pit/terriers are nifty too. Looks like a pit with wirey hair poking out everywhere.
      Haven't seen a Bedlington yet. Almost did, but she never called to make an appointment.


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        The bedlingtons I have seen are rather small. Maybe 8-12lbs? I have a standard which is put together so bizarrely that he could fake it real easily though.


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          Yes, Bedlingtons are mini Schnauzer size.

          Bedlingtons are small. Black as pups and turn grey later. They have delicate bodies compaired to 15-18 lb Schnauzers.I have groomed two in my years, in Calif. This dog today was a small St poodle size. More delicate boned. I was in my car and did not get out to touch him.I thought he might have been a doodle. Are Bedlingtons known for sleeping on thier owners' beds? Get it? I groom all small dogs up to 40lbs. due tro lifting and more work. When younger, i did anything, even a matted Nufie w/fleas. Im-pos-a-bull! No matter the Chows, no huskys, or double-coated OAY dogs. Just give me Yorkies all day. I like Susie, the Sheltie, and her mom is sooo sweet, she invited me to her mom-in-laws for Christmas yr. before last. Lisa and I always visit after susie is finished. I own 3 miniature Snoozers.(The Stink-o Brothers and my screamin' Halle).