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I hope you guys are more creative than me.

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  • I hope you guys are more creative than me.

    I've been in my apartment for a month now and I'm still trying to get it looking nice. One thing I'd like to do is make a room divider type of thing to cover the windows up. I have blinds but my cat likes to bend them back to get on the sill, so I tend to keep them drawn. I don't want to drill holes in the wall, so I think this would be a good alternative to curtains.

    I'm trying to keep the cost down, and I don't have too many tools (basically just a hammer, screw drivers, wire cutters type of thing).

    Are there any creative, interior design-loving groomers out there? lol

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    An easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself project is to paint the most important wall in the room an accent color. Then pick up that color up in other places in the room, say pillows on the couch and rug. All you need is a can of paint, some brushes and some tarps. You can even make the pillows yourself if you can sew. That will jazz up the room on a budget.


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      IF You Have Cable TV

      If you have cable tv, watch Home and Garden channel. Trading spaces is still on sometimes. They gave all kinds of ideas for home and apartments even small spaces. While you were out, redoes a room in a familys' home and surprises one of the people..hubby or wife. They make it look easy...I dunno.Worth a look.


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        I agree with mustluvdogs, watch those home improvement shows. In my area they are on TLC (the learning channel). They have tons of ideas. You could always go to a flea market and see if they have any three folded screens, I not sure what they are really called. Get one or two of those and decorate them and stick in front of the windows. Will give you the privacy you want and you can leave the blindes up so the cat doesn't destroy them.
        Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, Design on a Dime just to mention a few. I love watching that channel, soooooo many good ideas. I just never use any of them. LOL
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          I don't have cable, if I can't think of anything else, I'll check out some used furniture places and maybe find something I can work with.


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            ya never know

            Well, for inspiration as far as colors go. I go to a nice furniture store, and just walk around. Usually there will be one couch or chair that seems to keep drawing you back to it.
            Take those colors,(mine was a plaid sofa in Moss,burgundy,and beige)
            and make them your room colors.

            As far as inexpensive screens and things. Garage sales(take along your business cards for the dog owners) and GOOD WILL!
            Salvation army stores too.
            I was sick after I bought a new entertainment center to find one at
            good will. A coat of paint and that thing would have been gorgous.
            Even had lead glass windows in it. It was like thirty dollars.
            Also had a very cute white country cupboard with white lattice top
            on it for like 20. There are deals out there but you need to go to the stores
            and find out when they put out the donated furniture. Usually only
            one day a week, like friday here.

            Keep going, you will find amazing things.


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              Screens are a great idea!! You could prop them up, enough that your cat can get around the back, but no one could see in!! I know a very resourcefully neighbor in Florida who made one from latticework and her favorite fabric pattern (not see through-marvelous)!


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                Maggy, do you want something to stand on the floor, in front of your windows, or do you want something that stands on the window sill? How big are your windows? How many windows do you want to cover?


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                  Old time shutters, (the long ones, they should cover most of the bottom part of window standing on floor)you can grab em at the flea markets just hinge them together, some you won't have to paint if you like shabby chic. Also have seen the skinny doors like for a linen closet, hinge 3 of them together, for a screen....


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                    Helly, I'd like something to stand on the floor, I have two windows in two seperate rooms. I can't find my tape measure but I'm guessing the windows are around 5 feet wide, I believe the top of the window is about 6 feet from the ground, but even if the cover was a bit shorter than the window I think it would work since I'm on the 2nd floor so no one could see in from the top.

                    If I get out of work early sometime this week, I'll have to check out some thrift stores, but with spring break this week we've been swamped, which means tons of departure baths.


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                      Well, a couple of ideas....

                      You could use bi-fold louvered closet doors...try to find some that have been gently used. Perhaps an architectural salvage company, if you can find one. You might need two for each window, depending on how wide they are.

                      If that doesn't float your boat, go to Lowes and get 2 foot by 8 foot plastic lattice panals. I say plastic because it's light weight and easy to clean and kitty won't be tempted to use it as a scratching post. Hinge three panals together for each screen. Attach lightweight fabric (sheets work well, and you can get them fairly cheap) to the back sides of the panals...either staple it or glue it. You can get inventive with the front side. Use drapery hangers to drape sheer fabric across the top and down the edges. Weave silk flower garland or silk ivy garland between the lattic. Hang pictures on them.