I invited a new Schnauzer client to come here and ciew my photos. She recently moved from PHX. and liked her mobile there, but none here. I talked to her quite a while about her lil dog girl, who is reported to be good. I wanted her to see my guys, tho you can really only see pattern on the Jax sailor photo. Do you think that was OK? She said she thought she could navagate there and would look. I have tried sending to Google and yellow pages, but get hung up with wrong ownership file or some such thang. I spelled thang deliberately.Since it did cost me $30 to get it done, I figure maybe this would be ok. I tell people I talk to other groomer across the USA each day and we share info about everything related to grooming. I have also told the cute ....How long do you want to keep her ?story, and gotten a few laughs....they got it.Does Stephen want clients as members too, or is it best to keep this great place a secret?I know you can be just a guest.But the rule is...Must Love Dogs. & cats & animals. and be kind to humans.