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Totally confused about these posts

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  • Totally confused about these posts

    I am totally confused about these post replies. They have dates tho and that is new and cool. I find I reread stuff a lot by mistake. Also, the little icons seem new as an option. I know they were there before, but did't notice them like now. Dates on replies is helpful. I was surprised to read an old post and saw Halle, I first thought someone else had a dog named halle too...nooo it'd me!

    Stephen: You have the ability to SORT REPLIES newest to oldest, or oldest to newest. If you are familiar with a thread and how it got started, newest to oldest is a great feature, and MANY of you asked for that feature when we had the old board that made you page all the way down to the bottom to read the newest post. So everyone that isn't testing the POWERS you have with replies and posts, try it out. Near the top of every thread are links to these functions.

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    Oh I like this feature....I was just surprised.