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  • Shampooch How Are Ya Doing?

    So how are you doing with the itchies? Did you find the source of the problem? I hope you are better.Please let us know.

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    Hey! Thanks so much for checking up on me. I’ve been itch free for two days now. All the welts seem to be gone and no new ones have appeared. I wasn’t able to find any fleas, mosquitoes, or spiders in the house? I don’t know what was attacking me, but I haven’t taken any more chances. I’ve just lightly applied Skin-So-Soft for the past two nights and I haven’t had any more problems. Doctor’s appointment went fine today, they don’t seem to think that is was anything serious. It was kind of hard for them to tell what it might be since everything had cleared up by the time I went in today. They told me to call if I flared up again, but I’m hoping that won’t happen. It’s also safe for me to take benedryl for the itching. I’m still thinking I may have my husband bomb the house just in case. I know baby’s skin is more sensitive than mine, and I want to get things under control well before the little one arrives. I can’t stand the thought of my little baby turning into one big bug bite!!


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      So glad you are all better.

      As for bombing the careful with pesticides. I am sure you will read everything. If it is a fogger.....I don't know I wpuld want it around, becasuse it covers everything you touch. kitchen counters where food is ...everything. Look into safe ways. I saw a commercial by Bayer that claims safety. Look into it first.


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        I didn't see your original post so don't know all details. Have you recently traveled anywhere? I know that there is a bed bug issue in some hotels, it has been on the news. Same type of symptoms.