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  • Walking a dog...

    When I first got together with my boyfriend Rambo didn't know how to walk on a leash as all. He would just pull Aaron all over the place. So I stepped up and started to teach him how to walk. It was hit and miss at first. I'd get him walking good then Aaron would walk him and just let him start pulling again. He wouldn't give him the "heel" command or snap the collar when he started to pull. So I would have to start all over several times. He finally now walks him with commands and has noticed a remarkable difference. He also said that Rambo couldn't be trained. LOL..

    Well I just took him for a walk. He doesn't pull, he walks right beside me no matter how much tension or slack is on the leash and he also doesn't bolt to the grass or try to sniff anything until I let go of the lower part of the leash and give him the command. Go pee. Even then he still doesn't pull like he used to. He walks a little ahead of me and when he's done he stops and waits for me to get next to him..

    I think that's pretty dang good for a dog who can't be trained...

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    Good for you. Neither of my dogs can walk on leashes, lol. Well, they're not scared like some I've seen, but they dart at every sound, and pull! I'm too lazy to teach them otherwise, lol.
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      That's good Becky, I think that makes Rambo a happier dog to enjoy a walk rather than to be so neurotic trying to sniff everything, and pull everywhere. I think dogs need a job and they don't know it, but they want some direction and like to please their owners. Well atleast some do.