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  • Kitten Vomiting

    I'm starting to get a bit worried about my kitten. When I first introduced him to dry food he gave me a scare choking on a piece, I gave him some water in a syringe which seemed to move the food down and he was OK.

    Lately I've noticed he's been vomiting whenever he eats too fast. Is this normal? It isn't hair balls, its always barely digested food. Of course the pig will scarf it back up again. lol He also threw up yesterday after he bit me I scruffed him and as I was saying no he puked on me. Eew!

    Is this just him eating too fast, having a sensitive gag reflex, or should I be more concerned? It isn't a daily thing, but its more frequent than I remember my cats growing up ever throwing up. He doesn't seem to be in distress and he does hold his food down, sometimes he just has to eat it twice. lol

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    Of course, as I was typing this post he tumbled out of the bathroom doing this:

    This was from the other day:

    At least we know he has energy.


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      Sensitive stomach maybe?

      One of my cats does the same thing. Everything she throws up is half digested and usually right after shes eaten.Shes already 2 years old and I just figured she had a sensitive stomach. I give her Science Diet:Sensitive Stomach or Science Diet:Indoor Formula and shes fine. Anything else and she will throw it right back up... and ive gone through a lot of food.



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        Looks like you may have your problem right there. Could be his digestive tract is backed up a little.


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          I had a cat that did that for 14 years. He was a pig and would wolf down his food not chewing half the time and then would puke. Try softening it wil a little warm water and see if that helps
          If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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            Some things to consider:

            If he's eating too fast, the food probably isn't even entering his stomach, and he's regurgitating. If that's what's happening, the food will be pretty much in the same form it went down, and it will be covered in saliva and mucus. Feed him smaller, more frequent meals, because he could eventually end up with a stretched esophogus.

            If the food is entering his stomach, the food will be mixed with digestive juices and could be partially digested, depending on how long it was in his stomach before it came back up.

            If he's vomiting food that's been in his stomach, I wouldn't necessarily rule out hairballs as the cause. He could have one further down, in his intestinal tract, that's backing things up, or he could have a big one in his stomach that's too large to pass and is causing him trouble. If you can get him to eat it, raw pineapple or papaya will help break up hairballs.